Fuzzy little terrier thinks he’s a sheep dog, but the best part is when he tries to herd them

May 31, 2018 4:42 pm Last Updated: May 31, 2018 4:42 pm

Have you ever been really desperate to do a certain activity but, when you try it yourself, you realize it’s just not your thing? If you have, you’re not alone. Many have come into sports, arts, and even jobs that they think they want only to be left with disappointment.

In fact, it doesn’t just effect people but animals as well. Take Nelson the dog, for example, who discovered that sheep-herding simply isn’t his calling.

When Nelson the terrier tried herding sheep, he ended up getting herded himself.

[James Bell (home)/Screenshot]
When we think about sheep-herding dogs, the main breeds that come to mind are border collies and, of course, various sheepdogs—all larger dogs.

Despite that, Nelson the tiny Norfolk terrier-mix believed sheep-herding to be his calling. So, in 2016, when he saw a group of sheep roaming around a field in his home town of Hamsey, southeast England, he decided to put his herding knowledge to the test.

In a video of the hilarious encounter captured by his owner, James Bell, Nelson first wags his tail and runs back and forth around the sheep. The sheep walk slowly behind him at first, so he feels as though he’s doing a good job.

[James Bell (home)/Screenshot]
Bell tries to call Nelson back repeatedly, but the little dog isn’t listening.

It soon becomes apparent that the sheep are just playing along. They start moving towards the dog faster, chasing after Nelson as a group. The little dog has no choice but to run from them.

[James Bell (home)/Screenshot]
He darts around the field closely followed by the flock of sheep. Seeing the flock chase after his pup, Bell can’t help but let out a chuckle.

Even if Nelson isn’t a great sheepdog, he seemed to have a lot of fun playing with the sheep. Many others seemed to think it was fun as well. When Bell uploaded a video of the moment to YouTube, it received over 440,000 views.