Contestant pauses game of Family Feud & points into crowd—Steve’s face says it all

January 5, 2018 12:01 pm Last Updated: January 5, 2018 12:01 pm

People are being proposed to just about everywhere at this point, and every time it wows us all. The creativity and love behind the marriage proposals are wonderful, and a smile cannot help but form on our faces.

A contestant on Family Feud named Marquis Page did not waste any time getting to the point on the show last year. As soon as his family was introduced, Page had a question for Steve Harvey.

“Uncle Steve, can I ask a request? My girlfriend is here, and her bucket list is to meet you. Can she come up here and meet you please?”

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Usually, other people are in on the big surprise, but by the look on the host’s face, he did not know what was going on either. Or did he?

Harvey lets Page’s then girlfriend Eddeja come on the stage. She happily bounced on the stage with a bright smile on her face.

After a hug, a couple questions, and some smiles, Steve Harvey moved to the side to allow Page to attend to his girlfriend. A romantic slow song began to play. Page walked towards his girlfriend and said, “I love you. You have challenged me to grow.”

(Facebook/Family Feud)

While Page gracefully dropped down on one knee, he added, “and so, I challenge you to become my wife.”

He pulled a ring box out, and opened the box. Everyone began to cheer and without any thought, Eddeja said yes!

(Facebook/Family Feud)

“Now I’m ready, Uncle Steve!” Page walked back to begin the competition. What a great way to start a competition!

Step aside Steve, Marquis is asking THIS question! | Family Feud

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