Dog was yelping and acting strangely so owners follow her out to a field, and find naked, freezing toddler

August 1, 2017 9:39 am Last Updated: December 4, 2017 11:18 am

When Petunia the dog arrived at the local shelter, she had two broken legs, broken ribs, and had been eating nothing but pieces of carpet. Her owner was convicted of animal abuse, and the caring people at the shelter helped Petunia heal.

Less than a year later, Petunia became a hero.

“Dear Shelter, I must share a heartfelt story about how wonderful our little Peanut has been!” read a letter the shelter received in March.

A new family adopted the little dog and named her Peanut, and a woman wanted to tell the story of how Peanut saved a life.

“As you know, her background was so heartbreaking and we are so happy that we were able to take her into our home and give her the love and the family she deserves.”

“However, I think she still has some ‘sixth sense’ about her past life that she has carried with her.”

At 11 a.m. one morning, Peanut “started going crazy at our house,” she wrote. “She was running up and down the stairs, barking and yelping.”

Then, she ran into the garage where Peanut’s owner’s husband was working on a project. She alerted him that she wanted to go outside.

“He let her outside where she went barreling into the field behind our house at full speed,” she wrote. Her husband followed, perplexed, and then got the shock of his life.

“He found a naked, shivering, 3-year-old girl curled up in a ball.”

She was lying outside by a river in near freezing temperatures.

“He scooped her up, wrapped her in his sweatshirt, and brought her inside. He called 911 and reported the incident. By the time the ambulance and police arrived, the little girl could only say one thing—‘doggie.'”

An ambulance took the girl to the hospital—she was not injured, but it was uncertain how long she had been out in the frigid weather.

Michigan’s Delta County deputies found the girl’s parents after searching the surrounding neighborhood, and found their home to be “unsafe and unsanitary. ” They also found another young girl. Child Protective Services took custody of both girls.

The woman thanked the shelter for saving Peanut’s life—and in effect saving this little girl’s as well.

“Thanks to Peanut, a little girl’s life was saved today.”

“She has been such a blessing to us, and now to others. Words cannot express how grateful we are that we have Peanut in our lives and how amazing she is.”