Woman trying to take a nap but cat wouldn’t stop bothering her—that’s when she gets up and sees it

January 16, 2018 9:32 am Last Updated: January 16, 2018 9:32 am

Cats aren’t exactly known for respecting a human’s personal space. Walking all over your things while you’re trying to work and pestering you until you show them just the right amount of attention are two things they’re extremely skilled at.

But for Damon Osbourne, it was a good thing his cat was skilled at pestering because it possibly saved his life.

Osbourne got his cat, Oz, when he was a kitten.

(Adam Knapik/Screenshot)

One day Osbourne, who is diabetic, suddenly fell into a diabetic coma at his home in Colorado. His girlfriend, Leah, who was in another room was unaware of her boyfriend’s condition.

She had been taking a nap, but was unable to sleep for long because Oz had woken her up.

“He just would not leave me alone until I got up,” Leah told KOAA-TV. “I came out into the living room and found my boyfriend unconscious on the living room floor.”

He had no way of knowing that one day his feline friend would save his life.

(Adam Knapik/Screenshot)

After Leah got up she walked into the other room and to her horror she found Osbourne lying on the ground. She immediately called 911.

Leah admitted that at the time she thought her boyfriend was dead because he was “cold.” Doctors later observed that Osbourne’s sugar levels were three times what they should have been.

Oz woke up Osbourne’s girlfriend and once she realized what was wrong she called 911.

(Adam Knapik/Screenshot)

Osbourne spent several days in the ICU and then another week in the hospital. Doctors were amazed that he came out of the diabetic coma without any brain damage.

“He’s in that 1 percent miracle category that survives such a horrible diabetic coma,” the emergency room doctor who cared for Osbourne said.

The couple gives all of the credit to Oz for alerting Leah.