An alarm clock trapped inside a wall sounds annoying, but this couple learned to love it

July 11, 2017 6:32 pm Last Updated: July 11, 2017 6:32 pm


Jerry and Sylvia Lynn always know when it’s 7:50 p.m., thanks to their trusty alarm clock.

Why do they have an alarm set for such a strange time every day? No reason, that’s just the time the alarm was set to when it got trapped behind their wall …

13 years ago.

That’s right: the Lynns have been living with an alarm clock stuck in their wall for over a decade, ringing without fail at ten-to-eight every night. It’s the peculiar living situation Inside Edition investigated in this video:

It all started when Jerry wanted to install television cables behind the wall. He tied the clock on a string and dangled it behind the wall, hoping the alarm would help him find the right spot to drill a hole. But, the string broke, the clock ended up in the wall, and the saga began.

Jerry expected the battery would die out in a few short months. Instead, it just went on and on, lasting for an astounding 13 years. (And yet batteries always die out when you need them most, right?)

While most people would have gone crazy and/or punched a hole in the wall to tear the thing out, the Lynns got used to this new fixture in their home, and made the best of the bizarre situation.

Asked why he’s never had it removed before, Jerry replied, “No need to, it’s fun. It’s a great conversation piece when people come.”

But it was time to finally get it out of the wall.

As part of the Inside Edition segment, a local air conditioning repair team volunteered to remove the clock.

Drilling through the basement and reaching into the drywall, the team finally freed the clock after over a decade.

And amazingly, it was perfectly intact. And, while heavily corroded, an ordinary battery had kept it going for all that time.

But what’s even crazier is what they did with it after.

With the clock out of the wall, Inside Edition asked, “Are you going to miss the alarm at 7:50 every night?”

“Well, not if it’s on the mantle ringing,” Sylvia replied.

That’s right: after all that, they kept the clock. Not only that, they kept the alarm set to 7:50, just like old times.

“It’s gotten to be part of us,” Sylvia laughed.

Maybe they just got so used to the alarm over the years that at this point it would be weirder without it. So tomorrow morning when your alarm goes off and you angrily hit that snooze button, remember that one day you might find yourself missing that sweet sound.