After car accident, woman is seen in wheelchair but pay attention to the man on her left

January 25, 2018 11:29 am Last Updated: January 25, 2018 11:29 am

What do you picture when you hear the word “hero”? Someone with rippling muscles in tight spandex and a cape? Someone trained specifically to handle deadly situations?

Turns out that anybody can be a hero, even those you’d least expect. That’s what Angel Newman of Phoenix, Arizona, learned earlier this month.

Newman was pumping gas when he witnessed a serious car crash.

(Fox 10 Phoenix/Screenshot)

“I looked around to see who was going to help and I just took off running to go over and help and a few people got out of their car, you know everyone got together to do what they could to help,” he told Fox 10 Phoenix.

Yet there was one particular helper that really stood out to him.

A mysterious one-legged man bravely dove inside the upside-down car with three people trapped inside.

“He jumped out of his wheelchair, with one leg, and he climbed into that car after we busted the windows. I think it might of been him that cut the seatbelts, but he was back there pulling the people out of the car,” said Newman.

(Fox 10 Phoenix/Screenshot)

Newman knew that this man was a true hero.

“He had one leg and I was like, wow, this man, he went above and beyond to try to help these people. There were people standing right next to him that didn’t even help. This guy, he put his life at risk and did what he had to do,” he said.

Yet after the stranger’s daring rescue, he vanished.

Wishing to thank him for the kind act, Newman went around looking for him. Around a week later, he discovered his identity.

The hero’s name is Arthur Belyeu and Fox 10 Arizona was lucky enough to track him down for an interview. He explained how he just couldn’t rest after seeing the crash.

(Fox 10 Phoenix/Screenshot)

“As soon as I see that, I threw my soda down, rolled over to the scene, got the back hatch down and went in and started extricating people from the car,” said Belyeu.

He first assisted the driver, then the woman in the passenger’s seat.

“I brought him out first, she was tangled up,” said Belyeu. “I brought him out, used my wheelchair, and extricated her out of the vehicle.”

He then let the woman use his wheelchair for a while, as he could tell she was injured.

(Fox 10 Phoenix/Screenshot)

While some may see this as an impressive feat for a disabled man, 51-year-old Belyeu seems to think it’s no big deal.

“It doesn’t matter to me, because I only have one leg, doesn’t mean I can’t do things,” said Belyeu, who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident over a decade ago. “I’ll do anything I can to help my fellow brothers and sisters, anytime,” said Belyeu.

The entire scene was captured by Newman’s video camera on his cell phone.

You can watch snippets of the rescue in these videos here: