Son tells dad he sometimes wakes up at 2am. But after he checks security footage—’He’s so dead.’

October 5, 2017 11:56 pm Last Updated: October 6, 2017 3:38 pm

A 6-year-old Florida boy named Dylan Wray may someday become the greatest interpretive dancer the world has yet to see. But his father Cody Wray found out about his son’s big passion in a rather unconventional way.

The dad set up a surveillance camera and caught his son running around the house at 2 a.m.

Apparently, young Dylan had mentioned to his parents that he sometimes wakes up at this strange hour, but they thought he just meant he got up a little early. They were wrong.

Like many, Cody Wray is a responsible father. He holds values high and teaches his children valuable rules, the most important of which is: Don’t jump on the brand new couch.

He also has well-mannered children, and they obey his rules—or so he thought!

One day he set up a surveillance camera in the family’s living room. But when Cody found the camera had been unplugged, he investigated—and got to see what would probably be some of the weirdest moments ever captured on camera in his house.

At about two o’clock in the morning something dramatically changed in the video footage. A white shape suddenly entered the frame, catapulting over the sofa like a being from another world!

When Cody slowed down the video and took a closer look, he realized his camera had caught no other than his own 6-year-old son Dylan, who seemed to have a little too much energy, as he was running over the couch like a manic!

The boy was jumping up and down on the sofa, throwing punches, even doing cartwheels around the room, and giving his father (who was at that point sitting in front of the camera laughing) the performance of a lifetime. Dylan was not only jumping around, he was in fact giving what looked like a very well-rehearsed interpretive dance routine.

He was even rolling over the edge of the sofa in the most hilarious and dramatic way possible. That was the moment when Cody knew he had to upload the video on the internet for everyone to see and enjoy.

Dylan then ran to the kitchen, turning the lights on and off just like a Christmas tree. Unfortunately it’s not visible on the video footage if the fridge door opened up and Dylan had a midnight snack to fuel his amazing energy!

He then was back on the family’s living room furniture—circulating over it again and again, jumping on the sofa like a rubber ball.

At the very end of the footage, a face appeared, confirming Dad’s suspicions that the young boy may have unplugged the camera to try to hide his tracks. Fortunately for the world, it didn’t work.

“You want to be mad at him since he’s jumping on our brand new couches, but he’s just so cute,” Wray told ABC News.

(Facebook/Cody Wray)

The family will surely enjoy this video for many years to come.

“Every time we watch it’s still hysterical,” Wray said.

So that’s apparently what happens in this house at 2 a.m. What’s not reported is if Dylan was offered dance or gymnastics classes, after his father found out about his obvious talent!