6-year-old boy and baby brother abandoned on roadside by their mother

November 8, 2017 9:20 pm Last Updated: November 9, 2017 8:06 am

Locals recently found two young children abandoned by the roadside in Vietnam. Their mother dropped them off in the early morning saying she had “to get petrol,” but never returned.

Two days ago, this 6-year-old boy and his baby brother were dropped off by their mother at the roadside around 5 a.m. who deserted them after saying that she was going to get petrol from across the road. She didn’t return for them, the Daily Mail reported.

Locals spotted the boy sitting on the ground beside his baby brother, who was lying in a red beer crate. “This morning outside the church a 2-month-old boy and his brother were abandoned on the street,” Nhu Goc, the local commune worker said.

©Facebook | TuanPhuong Vo

The police were notified and are searching for the parents. “The baby has currently been taken to hospital but anyone who knows information about the parents of the child please contact the ward. We hope donors can help the baby. Why anyone can leave them like this we don’t know. There is a risk the boys could have been kidnapped and sold while they were vulnerable,” Nhu Goc added.

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Nguyen Thi Hong Chau, deputy director of the Board of Directors from Thu Duc Youth Village (LTNTD) said, “child protection heard crying right near the main gate of the village along Vo Van Ngan”.

“One boy who was six years old was in a state of panic, sat crying so hard, alongside the other boys [sic], two months old, in a red plastic basket. The boy recounts, when the sky was not bright, the mother transported by motorbike and put them on the roadside. She told them she was refueling but did not return,” added the deputy director.