19-year-old had only been with company 6 months. But what employer finds out—he can’t keep quiet

December 9, 2017 1:41 pm Last Updated: December 9, 2017 1:44 pm

Good help is hard to find. Too often, employers are forced to turn a blind eye in regards to tardiness and poor work performance. So when an employer finds an employee that they feel they can trust, they’ll go out of their way to accommodate them.

But what the higher ups at the Saginaw, Michigan-based company Glastender did was well beyond the norm. Recognizing the hard work and diligent efforts from their recent hire, Noah Robinson, the staff wanted him to feel like he was part of the family.

At only 19 years old, Robinson had already been on his own for two years. He left home to escape what he called an “unstable” home life.


Robinson had only been working at Glastender for six months when one of the engineers at the company hatched an idea. Dan McGrandy noticed that Robinson was on time for work every day despite the fact that he rode a bike six miles, often through inclement weather.

With winter approaching, he didn’t want Robinson to leave because he couldn’t afford a car. He decided to collect money from everyone in the company to raise the funds to purchase Robinson a reliable, used car.

“Within a couple of weeks we had quite a bit of money donated towards finding him a car,” McGrandy told WNEM. Robinson was completely unaware of what his coworkers were planning.

Robinson’s coworkers surprised him with a car because they didn’t want him to ride his bike six miles in the snow every day.


Robinson says he was caught totally off guard.

“I was out of words, I was crying. I was happy,” Robinson said. “It makes me feel, like, blessed. Like I got good people around me.”

But that wasn’t the end of his coworkers generosity. The owner of the company personally taught Robinson how to drive, and took him to his driving test. He got his car the day after passing his test, fully insured and paid for by the surplus of funds donated by his work family.

“It was nice to be able to do it, because I think he now sees that he is part of our family for the most part. He knows we’re going to be there for him,” McGrandy said.

The gift came just as Robinson was turning 19, and Robinson says he was moved to tears by their kindness and generosity.


Now the six-mile trek to work doesn’t seem as daunting for Robinson. The commute that used to take nearly an hour is now only a few minutes. Robinson is still on time for work every day, but now he’s able to sleep in a little bit longer.

Robinson says he plans to continue working at Glastender, wants to go to college soon, and intends to learn the art of welding. With such a supportive work family, undeniable work ethic, and now a car to get him where he needs to go, the sky’s the limit for him.