15 photos of parents and children who look strikingly similar… #8 is unbelievable!

October 27, 2017 10:40 am Last Updated: October 27, 2017 10:40 am

Some parents and children do share an astounding similarity—inherited traits, eyes, and expressions, smiles, and enthusiasm. A lot of it succeeds one generation, and lives on in the next. In some cases, the comparison is rather extraordinary.

Here we bring 15 photographs of sons and daughters who have an uncanny resemblance to their parents.  It compels one to consider the cause and what else they both share. Perhaps one can gain a sense of it from their photos. What accounts for that astonishing similarity?

#1 The resemblance is striking between these two babies. They are in fact father and son. But the vintage clothing gives the whole thing away.

Credit: Facebook | HuffPost Parents

#2 This father and son comparison is nearly identical. Goodness knows where that young man found that t-shirt!

Credit: Imgur/hellomoin

#3 These two young gentlemen also share a striking similarity. They are father and son of course.

Credit: Imgur

#4 Here we have another arresting family resemblance. It just goes to show that young ladies can look a lot like their dad!

Credit: Facebook | Megan Coe

#5 If it weren’t for the old black and white style of the first photo, this young lady on the right might have fooled us into thinking they were the same person. Like mother, like daughter, as they say.

Credit: Reddit/DroidsRugly

#6 Both of these girls have the same “doe eyes,” like deep pools of water you could fall into. But they are not in fact the same girl. These mother-daughter photos were taken when they were both 2-years-old.

Credit: Facebook | Ammie Thakker

#7 We think just about anyone would be fooled by the striking similarity between these two young gentlemen… we’re not even sure which one is which, though they are in fact father and son.

Credit: Reddit/boom1397

#8 It looks like one of these two fellas is intentionally “posing” as the other. Goodness knows where he found that retro outfit, but son has sure done a good job of imitating his pop!

#9 Here is yet another father-daughter comparison. Their jovial smiles demonstrate a love of life, and seem to be an inherited trait in their family.

Credit: Facebook | Corin Kane

#10 Again, had it not been for the invention of color photography, it would have nearly impossible to tell these girls apart, though apparently one is the mother, and one is the daughter.

Credit: Reddit/-Summer-is-Rad-

#11 Another impersonation attempt. Father and son seem to share the same scruff, love of denim, and of TV dinners.

Credit: Reddit/gassmaster

#12 Mother and son can also share similar features. We see their affinity in their bright smiles and amazed expressions.

Credit: Facebook | Clare Reed Rossetto

#13 How times have changed! A gentleman no longer has to wear a suit everywhere, all the time. Had it not been so, we might not have even known which of these young men was the dad, and who was the son.

Credit: Facebook | Kelley Ponto

#14 This Polaroid picture makes it easy to tell which one is the elderly man, although they do share a similar smile.

#15 And last but not least… times have changed, but beards have made a comeback… and those good ol’ 1980s glasses have too. A suit and tie are never outdated—and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, young man!

Credit: Reddit/mambeu