13 Animals With the Strangest Eyesight!

April 27, 2017 7:30 pm Last Updated: April 27, 2017 7:30 pm

Many of us want to know how dogs perceive us, human beings. According to researches, vision of every kind of animal in this world is unique: some can see what we can’t and some are born with something extra and see the world around them differently.

Let’s look at the following animals how they see the world.

1. Dogs

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Dogs are not color sensitive and the world is somewhat faded in their eyes. But  they are movement sensitive and also have well-developed sense of perspective and depth, so they can see well at night.

2. Fish

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Have you ever wondered why the fish in our tanks often give us a surprised, mouth-open look all the time? It may have something to with their ability to see in ultraviolet and magnify everything in close proximity.

3. Birds

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Birds have sharp vision. Night birds can see very well in the dark and also shades of color and ultraviolet rays, which we can’t.

4. Snakes

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Snakes do not have sharp vision, but their ability to see thermal radiation at night is ten times better than any modern infrared technology. However, during the day, they only react to movement, namely, if their prey doesn’t move, they would starve.

5. Mice and Rats

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The world for mice and rats is blurred, slow-moving, and tinged with a bluish-green color. The interesting thing is that every one of them has two eyes seeing two separate pictures.

6. Cows

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Cows see color differently, such as green pastures appearing orange and red. And everything is slightly magnified to them.

7. Horses

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Have you noticed that horses cannot see things right in front of them? That is because their eyes are positioned on the side of its head which helps warn them of approaching danger.

8. Bees

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Bees can see ultraviolet rays that humans can’t and their brain reactions to the world are three times faster than humans.

9. Flies

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Flies have compound eyes, and namely, within their huge eyes there are thousands of tiny eyes that work together to form an image. They can see ultraviolet ray and the world moves in a somewhat slower pace than for humans.

10. Sharks

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Sharks cannot see any color underwater, but their vision is much better than us underwater.

11. Chameleons

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Chameleons have interesting eyes: they can move independently of each other and obtain 360 vision.

12. Night geckos

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These lizards can see 350 times better than humans in the deep of night.

13. Butterflies

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Butterflies can see colors that we humans can’t even perceive, including ultraviolet light. The tradeoff is that their eyesight is blurry.