12-year-old boy was rejected by Britain’s Got Talent. 3 years later, his performance will give you chills

August 8, 2017 3:20 pm Last Updated: August 8, 2017 3:20 pm

One might think that getting the opportunity to perform on Britain’s Got Talent would be one of the best things to happen to a 12-year-old boy. Being able to share your passion for singing to a large audience with critiques by some of the most famous people in the world can be overwhelmingly enticing, but it can also end up incredibly heart-breaking.

Kyle Tomlinson of Sheffield, England found this out three years ago when he first auditioned for the talent show.

It didn’t go very well.

Kyle was rejected by all four judges, and he particularly remembered harsh words from David Walliams, one of the judges, who suggested he take voice lessons. However, although it hurt, it was not the worst thing that had ever happened to him.

Kyle was severely bullied as a child. At one point he did not want to return to school…ever. Another time, he was cracked across his face with a metal scooter. Kyle said it scared his mom to death.

“People were saying, ‘You’re gay, you’re fat, you’re this and you’re that,’” Kyle described in a May 2017 interview with Mirror.

One way Kyle coped with his stressful circumstances was by singing.

“Singing is my passion,” Kyle said. He remained focused on that passion, and his dedication paid off. He even decided to start to take those voice lessons, immediately.

He came back 3 years later.

Three years later, Kyle bravely returned to the show to audition once again.

Inspired by his hero, Susan Boyle, and with the support of his parents, Kyle was determined to show everyone his stuff, especially Walliams.

“I wasn’t going to give up. It was three years of hard work and I wanted to prove him right. If it wasn’t for David I wouldn’t be here now.”

He left the crowd and the judges on their feet.

Kyle Tomlinson’s triumphant return was met with amazement by all and an outpouring of support from the judges and fans alike.

His beautiful arrangement of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen prompted judge David Walliams to reach out and smash the golden buzzer emphatically. It was a gesture that propelled Kyle instantly to an automatic appearance in the semi-finals, and it was a personal victory for the amazing young man.

The message behind the voice.

Now 15 years old, Kyle has a simple message about that experience.

“It’s made me a stronger person today. It made me more determined to do it,” he said.

Speaking of his former bullies, Kyle said, “In a sense, I want to thank them because it’s made me who I am.”

“I want to help other people being picked on.”

In the final talent competition, Kyle finished sixth overall. But in the hearts of millions of people from all over the world, he won first place in their hearts.

Today, Kyle speaks at schools about overcoming his bullying.

“I’ll tell them to follow their dreams and not to let anyone put them down,” he said.

And people are responding overwhelmingly. Kyle is constantly inundated with messages of gratitude and inspiration from around the world.

“People are saying thank you for inspiring them. There was one girl who said she was being bullied and she left school because of it,” said Kyle. “She said I’m her inspiration. To get a message like that is amazing.”


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