Top 5 Secrets Hidden in Antarctica – Found on Google Maps

March 31, 2018 Updated: March 31, 2018

Antarctica is a place shrouded in mystery. Many sites, media sources and paranormal news centers have been enthusiastically discussing Antarctica recently due to some expected things found on Google Maps over the past few years.

But Antarctica isn’t something that’s piqued people’s interests recently. Antarctica and its secrets were a point of contention as far back as World War II where Hitler is said to have had a secret base there and was studying technology.

If it was just one thing found there, it could be written off as a strange phenomenon. In this video, we will not only show you what they found recently, but we’ll go over the top 5 things that will make you wonder what really is going on in Antarctica under all that snow.


1, Another sketchy UFO object?

This recent find on google maps is just one in a series of many reported UFOs found on the surface of Antarctica.

2, Entrances

The story goes Hitler sent a ship down there in 1938 called Schwabenland. He’s known to have had a base there called New Berchtesgaden.

Actually, they named the area of Antarctica with their base New Schwabia after their ship and throughout World War 2 they were dead set on developing this thing they called their wunderwaffen, or Wonder Weapons.

That’s where they developed things like Die Glocke, their Nazi UFO.
(Refer to the video of Time Travel)

3, Base

This object they’re calling a base is a 10.5 mile perfectly straight line with a cylindrical structure, at about 50 ft. across. 

4. Ancient Ruins (No. 21)

This structure is about 500 x 400 ft. If you look around Antarctica on Google Earth you try to count how many times you see formations like this.

5, Pyramid

Have a look at these images of pyramids that were found on Antarctica that strangely resemble the pyramids of giza. 

One of these sticking up would be dismissable as a mountain that looks similar. But there are three that look like ancient pyramids…

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