[VIDEO] Tear-jerking moment! Baby sees mom for the first time after getting eyeglasses

November 27, 2017 Last Updated: December 23, 2017

A baby’s smile can melt your heart and can make any new parent’s face light up with happiness—this 3-month-old baby girl had a very good reason to smile—she is able to see clearly for the very first time, thanks to a new pair of eye glasses.

Baby Taylee had been suffering from eyesight problems since birth and was finally given glasses when she was three months old.

“At about two months we started to realize that she couldn’t really see us, wasn’t able to track, and had non-stop wandering eyes,

‘We’ve been seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist who just prescribed her glasses after diagnosing her with Nystagmus, severe farsightedness, and astigmatism.”, said Tyson Hafen, Taylee’s dad in his Youtube post.

He captured the baby’s incredible reaction on video. Taylee’s mother slipped the glasses over her head gently.

A range of emotions flickered across her face ranging from seriousness and total confusion through to pure joy. It did not take long for her to realize she was looking at her mom and dad clearly for the first time!

Sounds of delight can be heard in the clip as Taylee stares at her mother. Mom and baby girl both wore pink for the big day!

“I think she likes them,” was all her dad could say in the clip, as the parents gazed in awe at their little bundle of joy.

“Tonight our 3-month-old baby girl tried on her glasses for the first time,

“So glad we captured this moment on video tonight. We thought it was too cute to not share!” Hafen added.

The video was first filmed in 2015 and was as popular, then on social media as it is now.