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Scott Spacek’s ‘China Hand’: Spy Thriller Based on Real Experience in China

I speak with Scott Spacek, author of the new spy thriller “China Hand,” which is based on his experience living and teaching in China. We discuss how his book reflects the modern U.S.-China relationship and explore the details through Andrew Callahan, a Harvard grad turned special agent on a mission.

China Hand is the story of Andrew Callahan, a new Harvard graduate teaching in Beijing. He encounters Lily Jiang, who will entangle him in a conspiratorial web of worldwide proportions, including the defection of a top military general from China to the United States.

A CIA officer approaches Andrew and informs him that Lily’s father is a top Chinese general caught in a power struggle. Now the agency needs Andrew’s assistance for Lily to evade round-the-clock surveillance and escape to the United States.

If Andrew agrees, he’ll face China’s ruthless security services and deadly odds to help pull off one of the greatest intelligence coups in American history. If he refuses, it could cost Lily and her family their lives. Set against the backdrop of a beautiful culture at a turbulent time, China Hand is the story of a reluctant spy and a mission. Their deadly consequences continue to reverberate today.

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