Man Saves Dog From Frozen Pond—Here’s How He Did It

February 6, 2018 Last Updated: February 6, 2018

Jeff Mann of Marshfield, Missouri, thought he was about to “take a polar bear plunge” after his wife Selina noticed their neighbor’s dog fell into their pond on the afternoon of Jan. 19.

The pond is aerated, so the center didn’t freeze over. “This poor guy almost drowned,” Mann said on Facebook.

Mann approached the dog with a pole and a rope, but he needed to be careful. “The ice was cracking,” he said.

After several attempts, Mann managed to throw the rope’s end right to where the dog was. The dog apparently realized what was Mann trying to do and bit into the rope. “He is a smart dog,” Mann said.

As Mann pulled on the rope, the dog climbed out of the water and successfully returned to dry land, still latching onto the rope.

“I made some friends with PETA today!” Mann said. “His new name is Lazarus!”

Credit: Selina Mann via Storyful