Caretaker Scams 80-Year-Old Woman Out of $20,000

An 80-year old Oklahoma woman wants her former home healthcare worker to be put in jail after she scammed $20,000 from her.

Margaret Friesen had been taken care of by Janice Rains for only a few months, but she trusted her. “She was making herself a part of my family,” said Friesen.

Rains began to borrow money from her, and then she made a big request of $20,000, saying that she and her husband would start a construction company. Friesen agreed to give her the money on the conditions that Rains would write a business plan and a contract. But the business plan and contract were never provided, and as soon as the money was given, Rains abandoned her duties as a healthcare worker and disappeared.

“I got the money for her, the very next day she left town,” Friesen said. “I called, and called, and called her, and she never called me back. It took her four days to call me.”

At that time Rains wouldn’t talk about the money she owes. “She hasn’t offered to pay one dollar. Not even one dollar,” said Friesen. She reported the incident to the police.

According to Moore Police, the construction business was never started and the money was spent on personal items and personal bills. Rains is charged with felony financial exploitation by a caretaker, but her husband insisted that she is innocent.

“All’s I got to say is it’s a bunch of [expletive]. My wife was an occupational therapist for 18 years doing home health and everything else like that, so it’s [expletive],” said Jeremy Rains, husband of Janice Rains.

Now Friesen just wants her much-needed money to be paid back.

“That $20,000 could be the difference in staying here and going into a [retirement] home,” Friesen said.