British Couple Survive Helicopter Crash in Georgia

March 21, 2018 Last Updated: March 21, 2018

Four passengers narrowly escaped death after their helicopter keeled over and caught alight. All four escaped the inferno in Georgia with minor cuts and bruises.

The crash happened on Monday morning, March 19.

“It was terrifying,” said Tim Spector who was on board the helicopter with his wife, Veronique Bataille.

“It is a surreal thought—that we have survived a helicopter crash. This feels like a second chance at life,” he added.

The British couple were staying in the Marco Polo hotel in Gudauri, Georgia—just miles from a resort where tourists were flung from a malfunctioning ski lift last week.

Spector said that the helicopter tipped over as they were getting dropped off.

“It took us a while to get everyone out but we got everyone out safely and ran for our lives as far away as possible for fear that it might explode,” he said.

After walking for 45 minutes to get phone reception, another helicopter took them back to the base.

It is believed the helicopter was operated by Kazbegi Helicopters and cost the couple about 300 euros. Two others were on board, a pilot and a guide.

A spokesperson from Kazbegi Helicopters said, “On one of the heliskiing flights, the helicopter landed on the slope and the snow packs were not stable.

“One side of the snow pack broke and the helicopter turned and landed on its side.

“Everybody including passengers and pilot escaped safely—they walked approximately 50 metres away from the helicopter and we got the emergency signal and evacuated the group.

“Everyone is safe back home, there were no major injuries—just a couple of scratches—and no other damage except the helicopter.”

Video credit: SWNS