Woman Warns of Tampered Hair Conditioner From Walmart After All Her Hair Falls Out in the Shower

August 5, 2019 Updated: August 11, 2019

A woman in New Richmond, Wisconsin, is currently serving as a heartbreaking and cautionary tale—when you buy products at the store, make sure they haven’t been tampered with.

Ashley Rose Robinson has gone viral after her mother shared a recent experience she had with a conditioner bottle bought at a WalMart on July 23rd, which she alleges had been tampered with in a devastating way.

According to her social media posts, the conditioner had hair removal cream added to it by an unscrupulous shopper prior to purchase; when Robinson then went to use the conditioner, it caused her hair to fall out.

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Ashley Rose Robinson‎‏ في الأربعاء، ١٠ يوليو ٢٠١٩

Robinson went on Facebook on Sunday to share the story, explaining that she hadn’t thought to check her conditioner bottle after purchasing it and using it—but now she’ll be more diligent in the future.

“I have to share bc tonight has been very, very traumatic for me. You don’t think to check your shampoo or conditioner once you buy it, well tonight that changed for me,” she wrote in a post that was accompanied by a photo of hair piled up along her shower wall.

I have to share bc tonight has been very, very traumatic for me. You don’t think to check your shampoo or conditioner…

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Ashley Rose Robinson‎‏ في الأحد، ٢٨ يوليو ٢٠١٩

“I just went on with my normal Sunday routine got in shower shampoo, and conditioned my hair got out something was different and didn’t smell the greatest. I carried on sat down for a bit and then decided to go blow dry my hair, I took my hair out of the towel and it smelt terrible, got back in the shower used my other shampoo and rubbed that in, as I took my hands out of my hair it was covered in hair and just kept on falling out.”

She explained that she went to the emergency room to ensure that she hadn’t suffered chemical burns but that her hair just kept falling out and she ultimately ended up having to shave her head. She tried to get hair extensions to cover up the chunks that had been lost but was told by a hairdresser that the remaining hair was too fragile to support the extensions—so she finally decided to go with a full bald head and let it all grow back in together.

“Behind every bald head is a powerful story, one worth changing someone else’s life.” 💗This is me Saturday heading to a…

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Ashley Rose Robinson‎‏ في الثلاثاء، ٣٠ يوليو ٢٠١٩

“My hair was finally the way I loved it to be and now it’s gone. Picture[s] do not do it justice or show the 100% damage it has caused me. My heart hurts terribly I don’t even have any words to say to anyone as I just can’t get anything out but that it hurts and has been scary,” she wrote, adding that she wasn’t out to do anything but let the rest of the world know what could happen in order to warn others to be more diligent.

“My only intentions for sharing is to prevent it from happening to anyone else. ”

Staff at the WalMart where she purchased the shampoo and conditioner have confirmed via Fox10 Phoenix that they’re investigating their camera footage in order to figure out what happened, although they have no updates at the moment.

Robinson’s friends have set up a GoFundMe page for her in the aftermath of the incident, trying to raise the money for a wig while her hair grows back in and to help her with any potential legal fees. For the time being, though, the kindhearted young woman is simply adjusting to her new look and trying to stay strong—while hoping that her story will help others in the event that they purchased a product that has been tampered with.