Woman wholeheartedly searches the country for her long lost sisters after 60 years of seperation

"I never dreamed I had this many sisters"
June 29, 2018 9:19 am Last Updated: June 29, 2018 9:19 am

Those who have siblings know that your bond with them cannot be replicated. There’s nothing quite like having a brother or sister by your side.

For years, Vicky Love from Arizona pondered about the sisters she had who were separated from her at age four.

Vicky. (KETV NewsWatch 7 / Screenshot)

Vicky and her four sisters were all put up for adoption in the mid 1950s at young ages—none of them grew up together.

Vicky was the oldest at the time, so she was old enough to remember that she actually had sisters. And as she got older, her curiosity got the better of her. She embarked on a quest to find all of them.

Given she would start her search in the 1980s, it wouldn’t be that simple to find siblings who could’ve potentially been anywhere in the world; imagine trying to find your long-lost family without the internet.

But regardless, the woman used all the resources at her disposal, and DNA testing led her to one of the sisters, Nena, who lives in Iowa.

Nena. (KETV NewsWatch 7 / Screenshot)

Nena was the only one of the sisters to grow up with the girls’ biological mother, who passed away in 2003.

(KETV NewsWatch 7 / Screenshot)

And around that same time period, Vicky and Nena found another sister, Ruth, who lives in Nebraska. The search was taking them all over the country at this point.

Ruth. (KETV NewsWatch 7 / Screenshot)

Their search eventually led them to a different sister named Kala, also from Nebraska, who was raised as an only child. Imagine her shock when she found out that she had siblings.

Kala. (KETV NewsWatch 7 / Screenshot)

“I have a family now,” she thought to herself upon the revelation.

The last sister was Jan, who lives in Missouri, and her DNA results that came back in September 2017 told her the truth that she couldn’t believe.

“I never dreamed I had this many sisters,” Jan told KETV Omaha.

Jan. (KETV NewsWatch 7 / Screenshot)

At last, the years-long search was over.

And recently, the sisters were reunited at Nebraska’s Children Home Society, the same place where three of them were adopted decades prior.

(KETV NewsWatch 7 / Screenshot)

Here, they were able to tell each other about their lives, including learning more about their biological parents.

And the reason why they were all given up at young ages?

“The reason why us girls were given up is because Bill, dad, wasn’t sure we were his,” Ruth said. “But guess what? We are.”

(KETV NewsWatch 7 / Screenshot)

Now that the band of women, aged 59 to 66, is back together, they have all the time in the world to catch up with one another.

It’s an encouraging story for anyone who doesn’t know too much about their biological family! If you’re even the littlest bit curious as to who your extended family is, try and look for them.

Because chances are, they might be looking for you as well.