Woman spent years looking for her long-lost sister only to discover that she was living next door

"You and me have the same dad, don't we?"
July 8, 2018 10:24 am Last Updated: July 8, 2018 10:24 am

Hillary Harris, 31, was just someone trying to find her family that she never knew.

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The woman was adopted when she was a month old. As she got older, she made many attempts to track down her biological family.

In her search that went well into adulthood, the adoption agency from her infancy had given her a letter from her biological mother, with the mom stating how she was too young to have a child at the time.

Hillary also received a packet with her biological father’s obituary showing that she had not only two half brothers, but two half sisters.

Facebook helped Hillary find the brothers, but for years she hit a wall seeking her sisters.

In 2017, Hillary had gotten new neighbors near her home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It was a couple and the woman’s first name was Dawn.

Ironically, this was the same name of one of Hillary’s long-lost sisters—the sister’s full name was Dawn Johnson. But Hillary didn’t think anything of it at first.

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The two neighbors were cordial with each other, but never got to know one another too well. But for some reason, Hillary’s daughter, Stella, insisted on going over to Dawn’s house at times, making her mother ponder.

If anything, this was just the first of many signs.

Last year, Hillary learned Dawn, 50, was from Greenwood, where her sister Dawn came from.

But even at this point, she didn’t want to push the issue.

“I never wanted to pry and ask her last name,” Hillary told WISN.

Even though she badly wanted to find out the truth, they were still just neighbors—she most likely didn’t want to come off as crazy to this woman who she barely knew.

However, one day in August 2017, Hillary noticed her neighbors received a stack of roof shingles for their home. And on the package banner read a name all too familiar to Hillary.

A banner on the shared driveway read “Johnson”—she realized her neighbor was Dawn Johnson.

After seeing this, she called her husband and said, “It’s got to be her.”

All of the puzzle pieces were there, and finding out the last name was just confirmation at that point.

It’s pretty heavy stuff to find out that your neighbor is the sister you’ve never met, so it’s no wonder that Hillary didn’t immediately ask Dawn about it.

It was a few nights later when Hillary texted Dawn, asking her a few questions regarding her past. Everything Hillary was asking her seemed to add up with her own sister’s apparent past.

And then, they called each other, which was when Dawn also realized it.

“You and me have the same dad, don’t we?” Dawn said.

The truth had been revealed.

After decades of being apart, the two were officially reunited.

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The years of searching had finally come to an end, and all Hillary had to do was ask her neighbor a few simple questions.

“Hard to comprehend,” Hillary said. “It definitely filled a void in my life.”

Think about the odds that your half-sister, who you’ve never met, just happened to move in next door. And now, Hillary and Dawn have all the time in the world to catch up, especially since they’re so close to each other.

If anything, this situation redefines what the phrase “it’s a small world” means.


Posted by Hillary Harris on Thursday, June 21, 2018