When a biologist noticed animals drowning in pools, he invented a device to save them

July 3, 2017 5:11 pm Last Updated: July 3, 2017 5:11 pm


Summer is here, which is great news for pool owners. Nothing feels better on a hot day than going for a nice swim. But one thing can definitely dampen your summer fun: Waking up the next morning and finding a bunch of dead animals in your pool.

Yes, unlucky local critters can get into your pool easily. And even the ones that can swim well, like frogs, will often drown because they are unable to get the leverage they need to leap or climb over the rim of the pool.

Luckily for any pool owners who have this problem, there is finally an invention that solves the problem, especially for those little froggies.

Meet the FrogLog:

The FrogLog works simply as an escape ramp for trapped animals. It’s made with a flotation device and two mesh attachments—one that allows the animal to climb out of the water onto the device, and one that serves as a ramp for them to climb over the rim of the pool to freedom.

“Once a frog, mouse, or other animal falls into a pool, they instinctively swim toward the pool wall trying to escape,” the product’s site explains. “The animal will circle around the edge of the pool looking for a way out. The animal will bump into the FrogLog, climb onto the floating platform, up the mesh ramp, and exit the pool.”

The product is really a win-win! Besides saving wildlife, you save yourself a lot of pool maintenance (no one wants to have to clean up a bunch of dead critters every time they go for a swim).

FrogLog was invented by a wildlife biologist.

According to the product’s website, Rich Mason was inspired to invent the device after some pool-owning friends contacted him about the number of small, usually dead frogs that kept turning up in their pool. One night a whopping 53 frogs and toads were discovered.

“Until the summer of 2004 I never imagined that swimming pools, the source of countless hours of childhood fun, could be so deadly for frogs and other small animals,” he said.

He then discovered that this was a common occurrence with pools after speaking with other friends: “In addition to frogs, there was the occasional mole, mouse, baby bird, opossum, turtle, salamander, squirrel, bat, chipmunk, and more.”

After finding out that there was no suitable product available to counter this problem, Rich decided to make his own affordable device that would fit any pool and suit the natural behavior of the animals. He created prototypes and tested them out by giving them to his friends to use, and once perfected, FrogLogs officially went on sale to the public in 2005.

“It was pretty altruistic, just about helping animals,” Rich told The Dodo.

The site has a number of testimonials from satisfied customers, most of whom say the number of drowned animals in their pools has dropped to zero.

“Well, I certainly didn’t find any more tiny corpses floating in my pool after I installed the FrogLogs, so I’d say they worked pretty well,” reads one user review. “Thanks for providing such a very useful tool. I hated thinking that our having a pool was costing innocent creatures their lives.”

Got a frog-infested pool? Want to save little critters from drowning? You can buy a FrogLog here!