Toddler crashes mom’s interview on live TV and it’s adorable

August 29, 2017 6:27 pm Last Updated: August 29, 2017 6:27 pm

During a live segment on UK news show ITV, host Alastair Stewart was joined by an impromptu guest—a two-year-old girl named Iris—while interviewing her mother and brother about milk allergies in children.

Lucy Ronker and little George were sitting live in the studio with Alastair Stewart when suddenly the little toddler appeared on the left side of the screen, hopping into frame, ready to play.

As the playful toddler prances toward the host and guests, Stewart plays it cool and proceeds to ask George if he can still eat yummy foods and treats without milk.

“Cereal?…Can’t have milk with cereal, can you?” Then as if the boy just realized he can’t have cereal without milk, Little George nods, seemingly disappointed.

“Oh….” his little face seems to say.

The mother of two manages to keep herself composed herself while George displays a well behaved demeanor. That is, until little Iris starts climbing the news desk.

That’s when right there in mid-conversation Stewart points to the toddler and suddenly says,

“She is now on the desk!”

Lucy struggles to keep a straight face and little George can’t help but let out a smile either, despite the possible mayhem that may or may not ensue.

Iris successfully climbs the desk and begins to sing and dance, in what we could only assume, is a victory celebration.

Nevertheless, the adults continue to discuss milk allergies.

Stewart handles everything like a pro, and an experienced grandfather. He reaches over to Iris and says, “You’re alright you just carry on there,” and mom Lucy lets out a laugh full of relief.

At the end of the segment, Stewart jokes that fellow host Mary Nightingale might have a “more peaceful time at 6.30,” shakes Lucy’s and George’s hands, then gives little Iris a high-five from the news desk.

Watch the video below: