This woman spent her whole life searching for her biological family with no success. But then, someone familiar moves into her retirement home.

October 9, 2017 12:09 pm Last Updated: December 4, 2017 9:51 am

By the time Marilyn Meyers hit retirement age, she had lived a fulfilling life, starting a family with her husband and three daughters.

But she always knew there was something missing—and that she had another family out there somewhere.


Marilyn was adopted at birth. She was raised by her adoptive parents, but when they finally told her about her biological family, it set off a lifelong curiosity and mission to track them down.

“When I was out of high school my mother told me what my last name was,” Marilyn told WXMI.

“It was Osborn.”

However, the info she received wasn’t enough to find them. For her entire adult life, Marilyn never knew anyone from biological family.

But after decades of searching, fate finally intervened—in the last place Marilyn ever expected.

Recently, Marilyn moved into the Oaks of Rockford retirement community, in Rockford, Michigan.

(Facebook/Oaks of Rockford)

Marilyn had settled into the new home nicely, but a few months ago a neighbor told her that the house across from hers had just been sold—to someone named Osborn.

Marilyn remembered this was her birth name, but didn’t think anything of it—it was a common last name, and at this point it would be crazy to think such a coincidence might really happen. She laughed about the possibility.

“I remember joking with a golf friend of mine and said, ‘maybe he’s my long-lost brother,’” she recalled to WXMI.

Philip Osborn had been living in Florida but moved back to Michigan to be closer to family. While Marilyn had no hope he was a relative, she reached out to her new neighbor—and the two quickly became good friends.


Philip and Marilyn discovered they had a lot in common: They had identical houses, and shared a love for dogs and golf. After getting to know each other, Marilyn finally floated the idea that they might be related, and revealed she shared his last name.

She decided to ask Philip some questions to see if their histories lined up. She asked him his mother’s name—it was the same as her birth mother’s.

She asked him the spelling of the name—again, it was the same.

Marilyn realized that Philip was her biological brother.

She learned the names of his deceased siblings and other information, and confirmed: they really were long-lost siblings. Against all odds, they had ended up living yards away from each other in the same retirement community.

Marilyn met Philip over breakfast to break the news. He was even more shocked—he never even knew he had a sister who was put up for adoption.

“What she said was, ‘I’m your sister,'” Philip recalled to WXMI. “And I said ‘What?'”

“Flabbergasted is the word, I guess. I was shocked.”


But still, he took the bombshell news positively:

“I’ve always wanted to be an older brother.”

The siblings haven’t gotten an official blood test done, but they have accepted they’re related—even introducing each other to their families.

“Your four kids are my nieces and nephews,” Marilyn told Philip. “My three girls are your nieces.”

Naturally, both families were stunned by the sudden development.

“They were shocked, they just couldn’t believe it,” Marilyn told WXMI about her husband and daughters’ reactions.


But Philip and Marilyn are just glad to have found each other—better late than never.

And as for the bizarre coincidence that brought them together, they like to think there are larger forces at play.

“It was divine intervention,” Marilyn told WXMI.

“God wanted us to meet for a reason.”