Stormchasers were watching tornado in Texas, but what they spot after—I can’t imagine seeing this

May 14, 2018 12:16 pm Last Updated: May 20, 2018 9:21 pm

Jason Weingart is a what is called a storm chaser, and, by definition, he’s obliged to go after any major storms in his area.

In this video, he, his wife, and a friend were chasing a tornado near Canton, Texas, and it looked like one not to play around with.

(Barcroft TV / Screenshot)

After the tornado left that specific area, they all went to see the spot where it hit badly—and found nothing but devastation.

They eventually came across a farm, and an exotic farm at that—imagine seeing animals like camels and zebras on a farm in Texas.

(Barcroft TV / Screenshot)

The problem was the farm owner not only had her property destroyed, but had lost track of her animals, in the tornado, so Jason went in to try and help her.

But while they were surveying the land, all of a sudden, the farm owner saw something.

(Barcroft TV / Screenshot)

One of her horses, a baby one, was stuck under some debris from the storm. And Jason almost immediately leapt into action.

The two of them worked to lift the debris, and they pulled the horse free.

(Barcroft TV / Screenshot)

Jason made sure that this lady was fine, despite not even knowing who she was. Even if he’s known as a storm chaser, this doesn’t take away his willingness to help others in his time in need.

Credit: Barcroft TV