Stolen pit bull rescued from cockfighting raid reunites with owner after more than a year away from home

June 9, 2017 1:04 pm Last Updated: June 9, 2017 1:04 pm


After spending close to a year and a half away from her family, Nina, the pit bull, finally gets to see her family.

In December 2013, Nina was in her owner’s yard in Marlboro County, South Carolina, when someone stole her. Her owner, April Morris, was devastated. Morris put up flyers around the neighborhood and searched high and low looking for the beloved pet. She even offered a reward for her safe return, but no such luck.

Despite the promising statistic from a 2012 study on lost pets that said 93% of lost dogs were returned to their owners, Morris had almost given up hope after a year without Nina had gone by.

Until one day when she saw a picture of Nina on the news. She had been picked up during a cockfighting raid.

Morris immediately contacted the Humane Society of Marlboro County and alerted them that one of the dogs they had at their shelter from the cockfighting raid was hers.

“It seems so surreal to us. It’s such a miracle to have her back,” Morris told ABC 15 News.

When Morris arrived at the Humane Society to pick up her girl, she was greeted by a tail-wagging pooch, who was so excited to see her owner after so much time apart. In addition to leaving the shelter with Nina, she also left with 10 puppies.

When Nina was rescued, she was discovered with 10 puppies by her side. The puppies were also rescued during the raid and brought to the Humane Society where loving families were lined up to adopt them once they were old enough.

Morris took all 11 dogs home with her and from that point on was extra careful about not letting the dogs, especially Nina, out of her sight again, even if just for a second.

Watch their sweet reunion in the video below.

Reunited with her family after 1 and 1/2 years of abuse, neglect and starvation from the stupid idiotic people who stole this loving beautiful pitt bull nina. thats one happy ending for her and her new pups who got rescued! Michelle Neufeld Montak, Melanie Mooreside, Kenny Schipman Hinson, Tricia Winn Harrison, Angela Coleman Weaver, Sandra Matthews, Jennifer Hyduke, Stephanie Gurley Jones, Joshua Cohoon, Kathy Rogers

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