Stranger gives barbershop to man after learning about his mission to help the homeless

October 31, 2017 11:56 am Last Updated: November 1, 2017 7:03 am

At the beginning of the year Brennon Jones encountered a homeless man on the streets of Philadelphia. He gave the man what he had on him, a dollar and a banana, and then he went on his way. But Jones said he couldn’t stop thinking about the man and wanted to do something more to help.

That’s when he got the idea for Haircuts 4 the Homeless. For the past several months he has been providing haircuts as well as light lunches and toiletries to those living on the streets for free. Now, someone had a surprise for him.

It all started when Jones gave one man a haircut on the street.

According to The Inquirer, Jones has been cutting hair for the past 10 years, but only recently started giving haircuts to the homeless for free. The 28-year-old sets up an office chair, hooks his clippers up to a battery and starts changing people’s lives one haircut at a time.

William Beyah Edwards, a free haircut recipient, told The Inquirer that the experience made him feel like a new person.

“Your self-esteem shoots up and you feel like somebody,” he said.

Jones wanted to continue giving haircuts year-round, but didn’t have a set plan for how he’d get through the winter.

(Facebook/B Jawuan Jones)

One day he crossed paths with Sean Johnson, a fellow barber. Johnson was impressed by the work Jones had been doing for the past several months and when the barber was putting the final touches on a second location of his own business he decided someone needed it more.

“God has blessed me with so much and I’ve seen him doing such a wonderful thing,” Johnson told Philly Voice. “It’s a blessing that I could bless someone else with something important.”

Johnson told Jones he had a building he wanted him to see and wanted to know his opinion about it. While at the building, Jones agreed it was a nice place and then Jones told FOX 35 “he tossed me the key and said it’s yours.”

A fellow barber surprised Jones with a barbershop of his own.

(Facebook/B Jawuan Jones)

Jones plans on setting aside a specific day to allow his clients who are homeless to come in and receive a haircut and a free meal. He told Philly Voice that he also plans on setting aside a day for college students, firefighters, and police officers to receive a discounted haircut.

The barber, who for the time being continues to give haircuts out on the street, is extremely excited for his new beginning.

(Facebook/B Jawuan Jones)

“Oh man, it feels so good. I didn’t know what I was going to do in the winter when people are still depending on getting that haircut,” he told Philly Voice. “Knowing that I have a place to continue on the mission is incredible.”