Soldier delayed at airport intently watches his wife give birth over the phone

"He’s sitting there wiping his eyes and my heart just breaks. I wanted to fix it so bad for him, and there was nothing that we could do but to let him have his time.”
June 28, 2018 3:54 pm Last Updated: June 28, 2018 3:54 pm

We’ve all been delayed at the airport at some point. While you wait for your flight or kill time during a layover, there isn’t much you can do other than sit around the terminal watching videos on your phone.

That’s what one man did before a recent flight—but he got to experience a life-changing moment.

On May 5, Army specialist Brooks Lindsey was waiting for a delayed flight at Dallas-Fort Worth. He had been stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas for pre-mobilization training, preparing for a deployment to Kuwait.

(Facebook/Tracy Dover)

Like many other passengers, he sat by himself on his phone—but strangers quickly noticed he wasn’t just watching YouTube videos.

“I look over and I see him sitting there and he’s on the phone,” fellow passenger Tracy Dover told People. “Then I hear the sounds coming from the phone that sound like doctors and nurses.”

“I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, his wife is having a baby over the phone!’

Brooks’ wife was in labor—and video calling her husband so he could see it!

(Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey/Screenshot)

Brooks’ wife, Haley, had been pregnant back home in Mississippi while her husband was in training. The couple realized that Brooks wouldn’t be able to make it—soldiers are only allowed to leave their base for a birth if there’s an emergency situation.

Just as they had given up hope, Haley had an emergency that allowed Brooks to head home.

“About an hour … after telling Brooks there was no hope in him getting home, I received a call from my Doctor that my pressures were too high, and the baby was being stressed and I was preeclamptic,” Haley told Love What Matters.

“She told me to be at the hospital in an hour and they would go ahead and induce. I called Brooks frantic and he was so excited!”

(Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey/Screenshot)

At the airport, the other passengers looked on as Brooks watched his baby’s birth from afar—and felt bad that he was missing it over a delayed flight.

“He’s sitting there wiping his eyes and my heart just breaks,” Dover told People. “I wanted to fix it so bad for him, and there was nothing that we could do but to let him have his time.”

But it turns out, the delayed flight actually allowed him to see the birth.

Brooks wouldn’t have made it home in time anyway to be there in person, but being stuck at the terminal allowed him to be on the phone for the whole thing. What seemed like an inconvenience turned out to be fate intervening.

“Honestly it was a blessing that he was delayed because he would’ve been in the air and he wouldn’t have known anything at all,” Haley told WFAA.

As Haley went into labor, her family snuck a camera to livestream it for Brooks—something that isn’t typically allowed, but the hospital bent the rules.

“At first they said no videos, but then when they found out what was going on and she was FaceTiming me, they let me watch the whole thing,” Brooks said.

And Brooks truly had the face of a dad watching his child be born:

(Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey/Screenshot)

The other passengers continued to watch the beautiful scene—and while they gave Brooks his privacy throughout the birth, they couldn’t help but cheer when it was all over.

“When we heard the baby cry, then just that whole section that was heading to Mississippi just started cheering,” Dover told CBS News.

Brooks finally made it home to see his child—and just four days later, he had to return to base.

At least he was able to meet his baby girl for the first time, and thanks to remarkable luck and some quick-thinking, he can always say he was there for her birth.

“She is perfect,” Brooks told WFAA.

(Facebook/Amy Garvin Beckley)

Watch the video below:

Here’s the video of Brooks Lindsey watching Millie come into the world 💞

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