Senior citizen breaks records for the crazy things he gets up to—I’m dumbstruck at how old he is

He takes the term "live like you're dying" to another level!
January 27, 2018 11:56 am Last Updated: January 27, 2018 11:59 am

The phrase, “live like you’re dying” rings true for many; some people never want to slow their lifestyles down, even when they’re getting into grandparent territory.

This has applied to Jack Reynolds — for decades.

Reynolds was born in 1912, which means he’s 105 years old.

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The man from Derbyshire, England might be old enough to have been alive for both World Wars, but it doesn’t mean his way of living has calmed down any since his younger days.

Even if he is a father of four and a great grandfather, Reynolds is doing things that people half his age wouldn’t even think of doing.

To celebrate his 105th birthday, Reynolds rode a roller coaster — the first time he rode one in 80 years.

In fact, he became the oldest man ever to ride a non-inversion roller coaster.

Though the coaster he went on, the Twistasaurus, went at a considerable pace, the ride looked like it barely fazed the man.

And his age hasn’t stopped him from achieving firsts in his life.

Reynolds got his first tattoo at age 104.

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The tattoo on his arm states both his name and birthdate — to put things in perspective, he was born in June 1912, only two months after the Titanic sank.

From the looks of it, he found the tattooing experience to be more joyful than painful, whereas many others would writhe in agony.

“Oh, quite nice,” he said as the tattoo was being drawn on him.

He also became the most senior man to do the ALS ice bucket challenge at age 102.

His latest accomplishment is becoming the oldest man ever to rappel.

(YouTube / Inside Edition)

His secret to his long life? Keeping active is a big part of it, but there’s one unorthodox way that his family claims is keeping him going.

“He has whiskey in his tea every morning and two shots of Grouse in a glass with lemonade at night and swears by it,” his daughter Jayne Goodwin told Metro.

That’s been his routine for a very long time, and it seems as if its working. He’s even earned the nickname “Superman” from his family, probably because he’s indestructible at this point.

“Nothing seems to faze him,” Goodwin said. “He takes everything in stride.”

Who knows what else the 105-year-old has up his sleeve? Whatever it may be, Reynolds is the prime example of age being just a number.