Police officer stops to help driver pulled up on highway—he wasn’t expecting what he found under the car

October 10, 2017 11:29 am Last Updated: October 10, 2017 5:28 pm

Last 4th of July, Officer Austin Kidd, from the Arlington Police Department was leaving a burglary investigation when he saw a driver stopped on the road trying to flag him down. The officer thought that the man had mechanical trouble with his car and had stopped because of that.

But there was something unexpected: the driver told the officer that there was a kitten underneath his car that had run under when he stopped for a red light. It hadn’t come back out and now he was afraid of hurting it if he drove off.

Sure enough, Officer Kidd peeked under the car and realized that the little kitten was stuck in between the rear wheel and the brake rotor, so he decided to help the poor animal and prevent it from getting injured.

Officer Kidd carefully removed the wheel with the assistance of his partner, Officer Rob Phillips, who had stopped to see what was happening.

Finally the officers freed the cat, but it wasn’t too grateful for the help.

“Phillips and I approached the kitten to remove him from the road, but he was very aggressive and tried to bite us,” Officer Kidd told Dallas News.

It ran back into the traffic and hid under another vehicle that had stopped at the lights. The police officers quickly told the driver to stop the car before he moved off.

They called animal control to rescue this unlucky animal and take it to a place where it could be safe and hopefully find a new home.

The police chief posted photos to Twitter, and the good work of the officers quickly went viral. People were applauding the officers’ dedication in rescuing the kitten.

“Aww..!! What a great testimony that the @ArlingtonPD do care,” wrote one Twitter commenter.

“Thanks from all the animal lovers in Florida!” wrote another.

We’re just glad the kitten was safe thanks to these kind officers!