Mom’s wallet stolen at her kid’s basketball game. But she tells the thief ‘I love you’

“I do love them"
January 22, 2018 9:42 am Last Updated: January 22, 2018 11:55 am

If you were to lose your wallet today, how many important things would you have to replace? Most people have not only their identification cards, but their debit and credit cards, and medical identification. Even though these things can be replaced, it can still be a burden to get back, and for some people, it can severely interfere with their lives.

Nakeya Green told WTKR that after being at her child’s basketball game all day, she didn’t realize that she didn’t have her wallet.

Nakeya recently lost her wallet at a basketball game—but she was battling cancer and needed her insurance cards.


The Virginia woman is a single mother of three, and replacing the important items in her wallet would be more than a hassle. She needed her insurance cards and medical information.

“I have been battling lupus since I was 12 years old, but currently I have been battling cancer,” Nakeya said to WTKR.

The single mother went to Facebook to try to get her wallet back, and even left her number to call.

“Please if you have found it inbox me,” she wrote. “The money is not important, but all my kids’ ID and my ID as well as debit cards, credit cards and insurance cards are in there and I need them.”


Because Nakeya was already behind on medical treatments, she could not wait for her Facebook post to reach the right person. She decided to go to the police station to report her wallet stolen—but when she walked outside her door, something was different.

“As I am opening my door I am noticing my door is heavier than normal. When I swung it open there is a plastic bag,” Nakeya said. Inside the plastic bag was her Michael Kors wallet!

Nakeya showed appreciation to the thief, who had returned her wallet.


The cash she had in her wallet was gone, but what was important was that she had her insurance cards, medical information, and debit cards.

She was so grateful for the return of her wallet, she got back on Facebook to tell the thief that she loves them. This was not just a moment of happiness—she was being honest.

“I do love them because they cared enough still to put it at my door,” Nakeya said.

“I wanted it to be their ‘get through’ moment. That it’s okay, what you did is okay because you still gave me back what I needed.”


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