Mom rushes son to hospital after asthma attack. Hours later—shocked at what she discovers under crib

She immediately had to take a photo.
January 25, 2018 11:34 am Last Updated: January 25, 2018 11:34 am

Being a working parent is a difficult even when everything is going well. It’s truly a 24 hour job, and parents often find themselves operating on very little sleep.

But when you add the fact that Andre Palmer’s work day was particularly grueling, and that his son was in the hospital, exhausted doesn’t even begin to cover it.

After a long night, there is nothing Palmer would have wanted more than to go home, and lay down in a soft, warm bed. But that’s not what he did.

In York, Pennsylvania, Andre Palmer worked through the night before driving to the York Hospital Pediatrics in July 2016.

Facebook/ Andre Palmer

Andre, and his wife Amy Palmer, both in their 30s, were in despair. Their newborn son was in the hospital after having a serious asthma attack.

“He had an asthma attack over the weekend,” Amy Palmer told CNN. “It wouldn’t break, so I took him to the hospital.”

Their son, only 20 months old at the time, needed to stay in the hospital and be kept under close supervision.

Amy was sleeping at the hospital while Andre was out working. She wasn’t expecting him to come to the hospital that night considering how late he was going to be working.

But to her astonishment, when she woke up in the morning, her husband had already arrived.

“I thought, oh my gosh, that’s so wonderful,” she said. “He’s all about our kids and our family.”

Facebook/ Andre Palmer

Amy was asleep in the reclining chair that was in the room. When Andre arrived, he didn’t want to disturb her, and instead grabbed a pillow and curled up under his child’s hospital crib.

Amy woke up before Andre, and when she saw what her husband was doing, her heart swelled with love and pride. She snapped a photo of him before gently waking him up and bringing him over to the recliner.

She later posted the image on Facebook, and the comment section was quickly inundated with people praising Andre’s dedication to his family.

“Father of the year award goes to Andre Palmer!!! I love you more than words baby,” Amy wrote in her post.

The photo of Andre sleeping underneath his son’s crib drew a lot of attention and praise.

This is a picture of a hard working man dedicated to his family!! After working all night third shift, he's right here…

Posted by Amy Palmer on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Andre and Amy didn’t stay in the hospital with their son for long. The boy was discharged shortly after the photo was taken and was in good health.

The devotion of a dedicated father can never be overstated. Andre is the guy depicted in the now viral photo, but there are countless other dads who would be willing to do the same.

For as challenging as it is to be parents, the Palmers are clearly up to the task.