Man was unhappy with the rat race, so he decided to go off-grid—a year later, look what he did

March 6, 2018 4:07 pm Last Updated: March 6, 2018 4:07 pm

Kris Harbour had a life just like many other people; he worked a decent-paying job to pay the bills and thought he was happy with what he was doing.

But over the years, the UK resident began to realize it wasn’t what he wanted.

“After a few years, I started realizing that I really hated that job,” he said in a video on his YouTube channel.

(Kris Harbour / Screenshot)

Harbour wanted a change for himself. He always had a passion for doing things himself, and over time, he discovered that he would rather be doing what he loves all day, every day. He also thought it would be great to not have to pay so many bills.

“I really want to be debt-free,” he said.

He ended up quitting his job and he sought out to make his dreams happen.

(Facebook / Kris Harbour)

Harbour decided to use about $5500 of his own money to build a new home, off the grid.

He started with buying himself a patch of land in the woods—and in 2015, he went to work.

(Facebook / Kris Harbour)

Harbour took precautions to make sure that this house was sustainable on its own. He installed solar panels outside the home to supply his own power, and created a hot water system that’s heated through a wood stove.

After a couple years of hard work, Harbour finally completed his dream home.

(Kris Harbour / Screenshot)

On the inside, the house looks like any other house you would find.

(Kris Harbour / Screenshot)

His “bedroom” is on the top, leaving room for a kitchen and living room on the first floor.

Harbour set up his own running water system, with a bathtub and a sink in the home as well.

(Kris Harbour / Screenshot)

Along with having a pantry and dish cabinet, he even has a crockpot and a kettle pot.

(Kris Harbour / Screenshot)

Besides what he refers to as the “often mouse here and there,” the house is stable and secure enough to stand on its own and keep out intruders. He even has high-speed internet.

“I’m never cold, I never not have any power, and everything works great,” Harbour said in his video.

Harbour looked more than happy to show off his house to YouTube, clearly showing that he’s satisfied with where he’s at in life at this moment.

Not only does Harbour never have to worry about paying electricity and water bills, he can also enjoy the peace of living off the grid and doing what he loves.