Intrusive black bear meets its match when woman uses her ‘mama bear’ voice

Although her voice works on bears, it doesn't work on her kids
July 21, 2018 6:23 pm Last Updated: July 26, 2018 4:40 am

Interacting with wild animals is always an unpredictable situation, and Lake Tahoe woman Brittany Christensen found this out firsthand.

In July 2018, Christensen was preparing to take her dog on a walk outside her home.

(Facebook / Brittany Christensen)

However, her simple task was interrupted by something big.

A bear was in the neighborhood, and it was making its way toward the woman’s house.

One can assume that being in the vicinity of a bear means all bets are off, and most people would stay inside their homes and wait for the animal to leave.

But Christensen wasn’t one to mess with on this day.

Upon seeing the bear, she used her “mama bear” voice in order to drive it away—and she also recorded the entire interaction.

(Facebook / Brittany Christensen)

We saw Christensen peeking her head out of her front door. Once the animal got onto her porch, she started screaming at it.

“Go away!” she yelled at the bear.

And sure enough, the bear started to back up.

(Facebook / Brittany Christensen)

After more yelling combined with stomping on her porch, the bear retreated.

It was a situation that could’ve gone any number of ways, but Christensen took a stand for her house, thus avoiding any further conflict.

(Facebook / Brittany Christensen)

“My mom voice actually worked!” she said in the post. “Just wish it worked on my kids.”

Even though what this woman did was brave, it wouldn’t be recommended to try it on your own.

Bearsmart points out that though bear attacks on humans are rare, it’s important to know what to do if one approaches you.

Remaining serene is the most important thing you can do. Try to back off slowly and calmly to not appear as a threat—you should only start running once you’re completely free of the bear.

Go here to learn more about different types of bears and how to handle encounters.

Was just about to take the dog on a walk. Me thinks I’m staying inside now. And yes that’s me yelling 😂My mom voice actually worked! Just wish it worked on my kids 😂Since this is being shared so much, and technically I was working when this happened, next time I will throw one of my tumblers at it! 😂

Posted by Brittany Christensen on Saturday, July 14, 2018