Husband stashes $8k cash in a shirt that gets donated to Goodwill — what happens next will make you laugh and cry!

October 13, 2017 4:47 pm Last Updated: December 15, 2017 3:12 pm

There are mistakes and then there are MISTAKES.

Bob Hoffmann, an operations manager at Ford in Long Beach, made a MISTAKE that will be talked and laughed about for years. Seriously, it’s a doozy.

Where do you NOT hide $8k?

This past February, Bob needed to hide some cash, $8,000 to be exact. He put the money in an envelope and stuffed it inside the pocket of an orange shirt buried deep within his closet.

“I didn’t think anybody would look in there,” said Bob.

He was right about that. Bob’s wife, Linda, didn’t look in there when she grabbed a pile of clothes to donate to Goodwill. In fact, when she told Bob she was heading out to donate clothes, he helped her load the donations into the trunk of her car. Even Bob didn’t look in there!

So why did Bob have a secret stash of cash anyway?

Bob had a sweet six-year secret.


65-year-old Bob is a Harley dude, and Linda is a 68-year-old Harley dudette. They first met 15 years ago at a biker bar. Linda’s engine was so revved up for Bob when she first laid eyes on him, she made a bold move.

“I told my friend, ‘See that man standing over there?’” Linda said, according to The Orange County Register. “‘I’m going to get to know him.’”

The two married in September of 2011. Bob then decided he was going to secretly save up for the trip of a lifetime for the couple to Italy.

“My plan was to save $10,000,” explained Bob. “Then one day I was going to walk up to her and say, ‘We don’t have to wish anymore.’”

The Italian vacation plan was derailed.


It was a very sweet plan, but when kindhearted Bob had saved $8,000, he learned that a relative of his had fallen on hard times. The relative and their children were about to be evicted from their apartment.

Bob made the decision to give the $8,000 he had been saving for six years to the relative’s family to help out. Linda, of course, knew nothing of it.

Bob withdrew the money from the bank in order to give the cash to his down-and-out relative later that week. That’s when he made the misguided plan to keep the money “safe” until that delivery would occur. And shortly after that, the orange shirt with the money in the pocket arrived in a pile of old clothes at Goodwill.

The truth is revealed.

Two whole days later, it finally occurred to Bob what had happened. One can only imagine his reaction!

After a very brief and hurried explanation to Linda, the couple bolted out the door and drove to Goodwill, hoping it would still be open. It was. Bob explained what had happened, and the compassionate team of workers at the store immediately began to search the overflowing boxes, bags, racks, and shelves throughout the store for the old orange shirt.

After an hour of searching, they had found some other shirts the couple had donated, but not the one shirt they were looking for. Bob was seriously devastated.

“Bob is an extremely strong human being,” said Linda. “I don’t want to hurt his male ego, but he was crying. I haven’t seen him that distraught since his parents died.”

They left without the shirt or the cash and went home and prayed.

Their prayers were answered.

Linda received a call at 7:30 am that Friday morning. Caitlin Mulvihill, a Goodwill employee, had found an orange shirt. The orange shirt!

“I was very relieved,” Mulvihill said. “I saw that envelope sticking out of the pocket.”

As soon as Linda got off the phone with Mulvihill, Linda called Bob at work to let him know.

“I can’t believe I actually got the money back,” Bob said. “The honesty and integrity of the people at Goodwill are amazing. Someone easily could have slipped that into their pocket.”

It was a happy ending for everyone!

Linda went to retrieve the money at Goodwill and offered a tremendously generous and thankful reward.

However, Goodwill would have nothing of it and refused to take it. Linda would have nothing of that! So she told them she was paying for a Goodwill employee pizza party at the cost of $400. That was a thank you that they could accept!

Not long after that, Bob heard from his relative, who said they were no longer in need of his financial support. Thus, the couple’s “Italy fund” remains intact and still growing … at the bank!

Watch the video below:


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