Huge condor bird returns to say ‘THANK YOU’ to the farmer who SAVED its life as a hatchling

October 31, 2017 11:29 am Last Updated: October 31, 2017 1:08 pm

This man rescued a condor hatchling that had fallen from the nest. Now, every now and then, the colossal bird returns to see the man and give him a really big hug!

You won’t believe it until you see it—a man and a gigantic bird, best friends! Eduardo, a farmer from Loncopué, Argentina, helped a baby condor recover from a broken leg when the bird showed up injured in his backyard. The bird never forgot Eduardo’s act of kindness and now as a fully-grown adult bird, he returns to visit Eduardo every so often, supposedly to say thanks!

What a majestic animal!

It is known that condors can be dangerous, as they are scavengers, and can, if provoked, cause serious scratches or deep wounds. But Eduardo greets his condor friend with open arms in a dramatic embrace. He affectionately calls his winged friend, “Condorito,” which in Spanish means, “little condor.”

When “Condorito” sees Eduardo, the bird can hardly contain his enthusiasm, and Eduardo has to calm him down. “Easy, easy, easy Loco.”

The majestic bird is spectacular to behold with its wings extended, and Eduardo is amazed too. “So beautiful, so beautiful,” he would say. “You’re such a handsome thing.” And indeed, the condor’s wings are the greatest of all birds’ on earth, in scale, as well as in grandeur.

What an amazing show of gratitude and friendship among living creatures … be they man or bird! It teaches us how the heart knows no bounds!

Watch the video here:

Images credit: Video Screenshot | Glass Walls.