Curious goat follows mountain climbers up the alps only to realize it can’t get down

It was the rescue team's "most unusual" call.
June 30, 2018 11:28 am Last Updated: June 30, 2018 11:28 am

Some tasks are more easily achieved when tackled as a team rather than by yourself. We understand that concept, but goats—not so much.

Recently two mountaineers hiking Olperer in the Zillertal Alps in Austria found themselves in the company of a lost goat named Gretl. The trio stuck together until they reached the summit, but when it came time to descend the mountain, Gretl decided she was capable of getting down all by herself.

Gretl is not a wild goat—she lives on a farm.

Die Ziege „Gretl“ ist heimgekehrt – Der rechtmäßige Besitzer hat die Ausreißerin wieder zurück. Über die nächste Bergtour von „Gretl“ werden wir wieder berichten. #gretl #ziege #hintertux #tuxfinkenberg

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According to The Dodo, two mountain climbers were on their way up the 11,404 foot Olperer in the Zillertal Alps when they noticed they had a shadow following them.

At first they tried to get the goat to turn around, but once that proved to be unsuccessful, they decided to keep an eye on her as the three of them scaled the mountain.

She surprised two mountaineers by joining them on their quest to reach the summit of Olperer.

While the climbers were able to watch the goat as they made their way up the mountain, it was another story on their way down.

Apparently Gretl believed she knew the best route and decided to go at it alone.

On their way down, Gretl separated from the group and stood little chance at survival.

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With Gretl nowhere to be found, the only thing the mountaineers could do was continue their descent and hope for the best.

Luckily, a gondola operator spotted Gretl in her “alpine emergency” and contacted tourist information center Tux-Finkenberg requesting help.

Tux-Finkenberg sent out a four-person rescue team in search of Gretl.

“Probably one of the most unusual [jobs] Tux Mountain Rescue ever had,” they wrote on Facebook.

Rescuers scaled the snowy mountainside looking for Gretl.

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Once they found her they carried Gretl down the mountain; they weren’t risking her going off on her own again!

It was a long trek back down, but the rescue was a success.

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Gretl even got a ride in the gondola.

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Once Gretl was back on flat ground, the rescuers were faced with another issue. Where did the adventurous goat come from?

The daring goat received a full meal when she got to the bottom of the mountain.

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Tux-Finkenberg shared her story and photos on their Facebook and it didn’t take long until her owner came forward and the two were reunited.

Although it seems like Gretl had one heck of an adventure, we wouldn’t doubt it if after all that excitement she decided to stay in the pastures for the rest of her life.

Lucky for Gretl, her random adventure had a happy ending.

Wem gehört Ziege "Gretl"? Nach den Strapazen der Olpererbesteigung und der Bergung durch die Bergrettung Tux erholt sich…

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