Girl, 11, Dies After Being Electrocuted While Swimming in Lagoon

June 19, 2017 1:55 pm Last Updated: June 19, 2017 5:31 pm

A 10-year-old New Jersey girl was electrocuted while playing in a lagoon over the weekend, it has been reported.

Police say an 11-year-old Newark girl and two friends were playing with an inflatable raft in a lagoon in Toms River, The Associated Press reported.

The girl apparently touched the rail of a boat lift, which electrocuted her. The incident took place Saturday night.

ABC6 identified the girl as Kayla Matos.

The two other children who were swimming weren’t injured.

“Two of the girls touched the rail to a metal boat lift and electric current appears to have energized the equipment causing the injury,” police said in a statement, according to

The girls were wearing life vests and were in the presence of adults when it happened. Adults on the scene started performing CPR on the girl before EMS units transported her to the Community Medical Center in Toms River.

Officials are investigating the death.

“It’s like a nightmare we’re living in,” Jessie Lopez, a relative of Kayla, told ABC6. “It’s just not real. Just not real. She was just a little girl. She loved just simple things. She was very excited for a dance coming up. It’s just very sad. She will be truly missed.”

Anthony Casale, another Toms River local, commented on the matter.

“She was too young,” Casale told CBS NY. “My heart goes out to her family, and it’s just a sin. And you know, it’s just a lesson, You know, you can’t fool around with anything by the water.”

It comes after an Ohio man was killed on Friday evening after he was electrocuted while trying to save his father at Lake Erie, AP reported. Ohio officials are investigating.