Man thinks dog won’t move because it heard a deer. But when he stops & listens—he’s completely wrong

"I listened for a couple seconds and then I could hear it wasn't a grunt"
May 16, 2018 4:03 pm Last Updated: May 16, 2018 4:03 pm

Dogs have incredibly keen senses and unless they’re working as a bomb-sniffing dog or a search and rescue dog, we seldom get to experience just how well Fido can see, hear, or smell.

On St. Patrick’s day in 2013 a man was taking his dog out for a walk when she suddenly froze. It wasn’t until she refused to move that he paid closer attention to his surroundings and realized someone was calling for help.

Rob Jerry was about to take his dog Sadie out for a walk when she sensed trouble.

On March 17, 2013, Rob Jerry took his dog Sadie out for a morning walk. As the two were about to leave Jerry’s driveway, he called her name, but she didn’t move.

Her behavior was unusual.

Sadie stared down Jerry’s driveway and wouldn’t move.

Jerry recalled hearing something and thought it might have been a deer that caught his dog’s attention, but after Sadie continued to stare down the driveway he listened more closely.

“I listened for a couple seconds and then I could hear it wasn’t a grunt, it was a ‘help!'” he told 24 Hour News 8.

Jerry investigated the source of the sound and ended up at his neighbor’s home.

After realizing the noise was someone calling for help, Jerry began searching for the source.

He found his 89-year-old neighbor, Albert Larson, lying on a patch of ice in the middle of his driveway. Larson had fallen while getting the newspaper and attempted to reach his house by using his shoulder to inch his way back up his driveway.

Jerry’s neighbor had slipped on ice and injured himself.

“He found me laying there and he said, ‘What’s up?’ and I said, ‘I wish I was up,'” Larson recalled.

Larson had reportedly been lying on the ground for around an hour before Jerry found him.

If it wasn’t for Sadie’s keen sense of hearing, Jerry might not have heard Larson calling for help.

Thankfully, Jerry was able to get Larson help and the 89-year-old, who suffered bruising and a broken hip, entered rehab in order to recover from his injuries.

Not only was Larson thankful for Sadie, but so was his wife 90-year-old wife.

“Pretty nice dog,” she said of the dog who, in a way, allowed the couple to celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary days after the accident.