Dog participates in famous dog show’s agility competition—then fails spectacularly

I can't stop laughing over how funny this dog is!
March 16, 2018 11:34 am Last Updated: March 16, 2018 11:34 am

The Crufts Dog Show is the biggest dog show in the world. On an annual basis, onlookers get to see some of the most beautiful canines on the planet strut their stuff.

There are a number of different events, with the ultimate prize being the coveted “Best in Show” award. But in terms of pure athleticism, nothing compares to the agility contest.

One of this year’s show’s participants, Baron Kratu von Bearbum, is a lovely and endearing crossbreed rescue dog. He has racked up some pretty impressive awards in the past—but on the biggest stage, he shined his brightest. However, it’s not for the reason you’d think.

Baron Kratu von Bearbum was adopted from a rescue group that saved him from abuse.

Young Kratu <3

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Tessa Eagle Swan adopted Kratu when he was only four months old. She trained him diligently, and he became a fixture in local dog competitions.

According to The Dodo, Kratu also serves as an ambassador for rescue dogs at local dog shows.

“He has visited a home for people with dementia. He is full of compassion and love. He is a natural clown that just loves to play and make you happy,” Swan said on Kratu’s Facebook page.

Eagle, who is on the autism spectrum and keeps Kratu as her therapy dog, felt confident about the way her fluffy goofball would perform on the Crufts agility course.

Despite his training, Kratu’s agility routine at Crufts was derailed when he became distracted and wanted to greet everyone.

Loves to jump!

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Kratu began his routine by jumping over his first hurdle, then ignoring the next as he trotted around and looked at the crowd. Laughter from the audience grew louder as Swan tried to get her pup back on track.

“Well done, Kratu. Good start,” the announcer said through a chuckle.

The routine as a whole is hilariously endearing. It included missing several more jumps, somehow turning around and exiting the same way he entered a tunnel, and running up to enthusiastically greet an amused spectator.

Kratu didn’t manage to snag a spot on the winners podium, but his run was met with uproarious applause nonetheless.

Meeting people at Crufts.

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Even though Kratu didn’t find traditional success at the Crufts Dog Show, he was undoubtedly the toast of the affair. His performance is a heartwarming reminder that personality, not perfect posture, makes a dog truly special.

“I used to call him the golden boy,” Swan posted on Kratu’s Facebook page. “The light and sunshine just shone out of him.”

Watch his hilarious performance below:

Krazy Kratu Kreates his own Kourse

How did he turn around in that?! 😳😳Kratu makes his own way round the agility course at Crufts 2018

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