Couple adopts stray dog & takes it travelling with them—but while in India—terrible thing happens

They weren't about to abandon him.
March 6, 2018 9:40 am Last Updated: March 6, 2018 9:40 am

As much as we love our pets, sometimes it gets to the point where a pet just has to be replaced. For some families, the burden of taking care of them or the circumstances of losing them are just too much to handle.

But not for one couple. For their dog, they literally traveled thousands of miles.

Janin Scharrenberg and Steffen Kagerah met Luke as puppy over one year ago.


Over a year ago, globetrotting German couple Janin Scharrenberg and her partner Steffen Kagerah met the third member of their family, Luke, a stray puppy abandoned in Greece.

The black little stray was covered in ticks and starving, but he was cute and happy and drawn to both Scharrenberg and Kagerah. Unable to leave the dog behind, the two brought him back to the town. There, no one claimed him, so they both decided he would become their new dog.

So, they got him an EU pet passport and then took him on their adventures all over the world. In total, Luke, Scharrenberg, and Kagerah visited 15 countries together.

But this happy adventure soon turned sour last summer when the trio was staying in the Indian town of Chennai.

Luke was taken while tied up outside the couple’s car.

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Kagerah had stepped out for a while and Scharrenberg was waiting with Luke in their car. The car, however, was too hot, so she decided to tie Luke up outside to make him more comfortable.

“I was waiting for Steffan to come back and I tied Luke outside the car,” Scharrenberg said in a video posted by The Little Things. “After half an hour someone knocked on the car and said that someone took the dog with them.”

Luke was gone. The couple tried to look for help but no one seemed able or willing to do anything. Worse, the couple was scheduled to leave the country—they thought they would never see Luke again.

Luckily though, they had a guardian angel. Before they left India they searched and made acquaintances with various people in the area. One of the people, who saw media reports of their story, was entrepreneur and animal lover Vijaya Narayanan.

Narayanan led the search for Luke, making nearly 7,000 fliers to find the dog.


When the couple left for Nepal, Narayanan kept in constant contact with Scharrenberg. She volunteered to lead the search efforts and advertised in newspapers, made fliers, and spread the word about lost Luke.

In total, Narayanan and others made nearly 7,000 fliers to find the dog.

Still, the odds of finding a lost dog in India were slim; but Narayanan, Kagerah, and Scharrenberg never lost hope.

And their faith was rewarded. Just over 100 days later, in late October, Scharrenberg received a phone call she thought she would never get. Luke was found.

Incredibly, Luke was found and his owners decided to fly back to get him back.


“We did not imagine this would happen, that we would get our Luke back after these 106 days,” Scharrenberg said according to the Deccan Chronicle

The couple rushed back to India from Nepal to get back the missing member of their family.

“He was so happy seeing us, kept going round and round us whining as if to say, ‘never leave me again.’ We are so grateful,” Scharrenberg said.

Ecstatic at finally being reunited, the trio returned to doing what brought them together in the first place—exploring the world together.

And they could not be happier.

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