Boy afraid when secret police appear inside his house. But when he does next—incredibly brave

“What are you doing?”
By Sarah Le, Epoch Times
March 14, 2018 10:09 am Last Updated: March 15, 2018 2:18 pm

A second-grade student named Zhenzhen lived in China, where his family practiced a spiritual meditation discipline called Falun Dafa, or Falun Gong.

Tragically, in 1999, the Chinese communist regime had begun a violent persecution of the practice, arresting, torturing, and even killing people for their beliefs.

Zhenzhen knew that many of his parents’ friends and acquaintances had been arrested. He also knew they had done nothing wrong. Falun Dafa teaches people to follow the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance, along with five slow, meditative exercises.

Falun Gong practitioners meditate in New York in front of the Chinese Consulate. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

One day the 7-year-old boy was doing his homework when a police car pulled up in front of his home. Several policemen got out of the car, came inside the house, and began searching around.

“Where are your parents?” asked the policemen, according to

Zhenzhen’s parents were not home.

“They went to work,” said Zhenzhen.

“When?” asked a policeman.

“In the morning. And they told me to buy some dumplings for lunch,” said the boy, who pulled a few Chinese yuan out of his pocket.

“When are they coming back?” said the policeman.

“Maybe before dusk, since they know that I am afraid of the dark,” said Zhenzhen.

The police noticed that the boy had given very straightforward answers, so they believed him.

“Let’s go now and come back at dusk,” said the police. They climbed back into their car and left.

Police officers in China. (Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images)

Zhenzhen heaved a huge sigh of relief—but then he realized they would be back again later. He quickly grabbed all the the Falun Dafa books and flyers in the house and took them to a relative’s home to keep them safe.

Several days later, Zhenzhen was already asleep when he heard knocking at the door. He got out out of bed, ran to the front door and peeked outside. It was the police, and his parents were again not at home.

Zhenzhen was afraid the police would try to break down the door, so he propped a piece of wood up against it to keep it from opening.

After a while, two men jumped over the wall and opened the door from the inside. The secret police officers were in civilian clothes, and they started to search the house without a word. They looked everywhere, even in vases and pots.

“What are you doing?” asked Zhenzhen bravely. “Can people hide inside vases and pots? I think you are searching for money!”

However, no matter what Zhenzhen did, he could not stop them.

Plainclothes police in China. (Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images)

Suddenly, one of the men found something.

“Chief, here is the safe, but I can’t open it,” he said.

The men then found a key and tried it for a while, but it would not open.

“Chief, don’t waste your time. Without the combination, you won’t be able to open it,” said the officer.

“Do you know the combination?” said the chief, looking at Zhenzhen.

“If I knew, could it be called a safe?” said the boy.

“If we can’t open it, let’s just take it,” said the chief.

When Zhenzhen heard this, he sprinted outside and started screaming.

“Come quickly, thieves are in my house!” he cried.

In a very short time, more than ten neighbors came running from their houses, carrying sticks, knives, and spades in their hands. They surrounded the men.

“Look, we are not thieves,” said the chief, who was terrified. “We are from the police department, and we have IDs. Look, you can see them.”

“You see how messy they made this room,” shouted Zhenzhen. “They jumped inside from the wall and tore up everything. How can these be the actions of police?”

“Do you have a warrant to search the house in the middle of the night?” asked a very tall and strong neighbor.

“We forgot to bring it,” said the chief.

“Why do you casually take other people’s belongings without a warrant?” said the neighbor.

“We really did not take anything,” said the chief.

“Look everyone,” said Zhenzhen, stepping forward. “Not only did they rob things, they also want to take this safe away.”

The police officers realized it was an impossible situation, and they quickly left the safe behind, got in their car, and rushed away.

Zhenzhen’s neighbors then helped the boy call his relatives to move the valuables to a safer place.

Many Falun Dafa practitioners heard the boy’s story and admired his bravery. If even a 7-year-old child could stand up to police, what should they have to fear?

A young Falun Gong practitioner attends a candlelight vigil near the Chinese Consulate in New York. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)