Beached stingray gives birth with help from kind family

May 9, 2017 5:20 pm Last Updated: May 9, 2017 5:20 pm

This family of beachgoers was excited to discover a beached stingray. But they weren’t expecting what was coming next. The stingray was pregnant and gave birth to several stingray babies right in front of their eyes.

The stingray is tangled in what appears to be fishing line. The family was first going to help the fish out of trouble, but discovered writhing stinger coming out of its body.

Those are babies! It’s giving birth!” exclaimed one of the family members.

Stingrays are known to give birth up to 2-6 young stingrays each year. A baby stingray is already fully developed at birth. The only difference is their miniature size. Babies can take care of themselves right from the moment they are born. They only still rely on their mothers to teach them how to hunt.

First, the children on the beach start to pull the baby out of the mother stingray. Then, one of the adults adults comes and tells them to stop. One of the adults then pushes on the mother’s belly and baby stingray come popping out with great fanfare from the crowd of children watching.

In the end, both the stingray mother and her babies are released into the ocean.

Check out this stingray giving birth to her babies with the help of beachgoers: