Basketball player called into a meeting with his coaches. But who they bring out to surprise him—Wow

"It's winning time, right?"
March 18, 2018 10:18 am Last Updated: March 18, 2018 10:18 am

Norbertas Giga is a basketball player who just wants to work hard and follow his dream. So in 2013, that’s exactly what he did.

That year, Giga moved from Lithuania to the United States to pursue a basketball career.

(Facebook / Gee Norbertas Giga)

With that big of a move, it’s clear that the young man was serious about the sport and his own ability to play. But traveling to the other side of the world also meant he would leave behind his family.

By the year 2018, it had been five years since Giga saw his mother.

He now plays for Jacksonville State as a forward and center—he seems to be a crucial part of the team, averaging 11 points and 8 rebounds per game, according to the JSU Athletics website.

But anyone away from their family for that long would be sure to miss them, and his team knew this.

Before the 2018 Ohio Valley Championships earlier this year, Giga was called to a meeting at the team’s hotel.

(Facebook / Gee Norbertas Giga)

According to CBS News, Giga wondered why there were so many cameras in the room, but he was told that the team was documenting their postseason, and this meeting would be a part of that.

Giga was placed in the middle of the room, between his coaches; he was led to believe that they were in the room to watch a film.

Then, one of his coaches asked him something.

“It’s winning time, right?” the coach said.

Then, someone came into the room.

It was Giga’s mother.

(Inside Edition / Screenshot)

Giga couldn’t believe it.

He immediately got up as he didn’t know what to do with himself, then he went over to his mother to embrace her for the first time in years.

(Inside Edition / Screenshot)

This was probably a huge weight taken off the young man’s shoulders, especially since it was right before a big game.

The years of hard work are clearly paying off for this basketball player, and having his mother here to celebrate with him must make all the difference in the world.