Man driving down highway sees van acting weird—what he sees in window—he slams his truck into him

July 14, 2017 11:49 am Last Updated: April 12, 2018 6:28 pm

It’s really amazing the lengths people will go to help someone. But sometimes, it just gets ridiculous.

We all cheer happy endings, but the scene — captured by a dashboard camera — that unfolded on a freeway in Eastern England is down-right absurd. And I do not know whether to applaud, or laugh.

53-year-old Russell Dagless was driving his truck down a highway in Norfolk, England, when he noticed something: a white van was speeding down the road, and the driver’s head was slumped down onto his steering wheel — he was unconscious.

Dagless did not hesitate. He had a plan to stop that van.

“Something had to be done,” Dagless remembered thinking according to the Telegraph. “The guy had to be brought to a halt.”

Instinctively, Dagless maneuvered his heavy goods vehicle to run parallel to the white van. Slowly, he edged the two vehicles closer. Then he pushed the back of his flat-bed HGV into the side of the van.

The collision was all part of the plan, though. Dagless used his vehicle to push the white van into the divider, and jam it so that it would slow down.

It worked. The van slowed to a crawl. Now is when the story starts to get absurd, though.

(SWNS TV/screenshot)

Another good Samaritan who was riding in an SUV behind Dagless jumped out of his moving vehicle, and climbed up onto the HGV.

The man scrambled onto the trailer, and towards the unconscious driver. The vehicles came to a halt, and Dagless went to see the state of the driver for himself.

“He was absolutely collapsed, his head was down below the steering wheel on the driver’s door,” Dagless told the Telegraph.

And suddenly like a good Samaritan clown car, people started appearing from out of nowhere.

(SWNS TV/Screenshot)

First, two young men trained in first aid arrived on the scene. Then, an off-duty firefighter showed up. And lastly, a woman, who was an off-duty paramedic, arrived to administer first aid to the unconscious driver.

The driver of the van lost consciousness due to a bleeding on the brain, and for 30 minutes, these people worked to save his life. Finally, an ambulance arrived on the scene to take him to the hospital.

Police say that Dagless’ heroic actions, as well as the timely arrival of the group, saved the man’s life. But Dagless is not so sure.

“Hero is a very, very strong word, I just had the right leg on at the exact right point,” Dagless said according to the Telegraph.

Hero or not, thanks to a group of absurdly good people, a man’s life was saved. What do you think, though? Is humanity amazing? Or is this going too far?

Watch the amazing rescue below: