Restaurant didn’t do reservations but finally agreed to help military son w/ surprise—Then check comes

October 7, 2017 11:43 am Last Updated: October 7, 2017 12:16 pm

It is a happy moment when soldiers who had been away for months or even years reunite with their loved ones.

People know that it is a unique moment for a soldier who joins with his family after many years of stay. First, people are happy to welcome such a person because they know he had been away fighting for them and fought for their well-being.
Also, the community around always has a desire to meet with their soldiers. And a surprise can make the reunion more special—ensuring that it is an event they can remember and be comforted by even years later.

There is a favorite restaurant in Orange Park, Florida that got the chance of hosting a homecoming party for a soldier. The event was a surprise to many who were not expecting it to happen. Many who were around honored the soldier and his family. It is just one of the various events of the same kind.

It was a surprise to Courtney Adams, whose husband Lee Adams was coming home from being stationed in Germany. They wanted to surprise Lee’s father, because the reunion would coincide with the older Adams’s birthday.

Courtney called ahead to Texas Roadhouse, but the restaurant told them they didn’t take reservations.

Nevertheless, they wanted the surprise to go well, and Courtney informed them they would have 12 people dining around 6 p.m. that evening.

But unbeknownst to the couple planning the surprise, the restaurant would do more than make sure they had a table.

When they got to the restaurant, they saw that they had closed all the blinds, because Lee’s dad would be the last to arrive and this way the surprise would not be spoiled if he happened to walk by the wrong window.

As Lee entered, the manager took out his phone and began taking a video. He did so because he wanted to capture the whole event so that it can be watched later. He wanted to be part of the homecoming party as the family looked at its previous years when they were together.

Lee approached his father, and at the same time, all other family members urged him to turn around. He was caught by surprise to see the man standing there in uniform was his son Lee. All he could say is “hey dude!” because shock had taken him. The entire family stood there as the two men shared a happy moment and embraced each other. It is an event that everyone around wanted to see as people shot glances to see what was happening.


Texas Roadhouse decided to be part of the reunion. They provided the family with a big cake—unique with red, white, blue, and stars and stripes.

Little did they know that there was still surprise coming: The most prominent surprise was when Courtney received the bill.


Texas Roadhouse had decided to cover the cost for the homecoming party. Instead a dollar amount, they had written: “welcome home.”

It is always a surprising moment to be reunited with your family. However, Texas Roadhouse went an extra mile not only to host the homecoming party but also pay the bills. They made the event even more surprising and memorable. They showed the soldier Lee Adams respect for the sacrifices he had made to stay in the army. He had been away protecting the country, and the restaurant had honored that.