12 words written on a napkin and a random act of kindness makes a struggling mom break down in tears at McDonald’s

October 31, 2017 6:57 pm Last Updated: December 20, 2017 10:02 am

As this story shows, opportunities for a random act of kindness can appear anywhere and anytime.

A man sat in a McDonald’s restaurant drinking a soda, when he saw something that made him take immediate action—and his story shared on social media is touching hearts across the country.

The writer, named Timothy, noticed a woman who had been waiting in the corner of the restaurant for a long time. Finally, in walked a man with a toddler-aged son.

“You were supposed to be here an hour ago,” said the woman.

“Well I’m here, and here he is,” said the man, who turned around to leave.

Then the woman stopped him and asked if he had a few dollars so she could buy a cheeseburger. She had enough to buy the child a Happy Meal, but that was it. The man looked around to see if anyone was watching, then told the woman to go “starve.”


The woman then took her son to the counter to buy his food. However, the cashier told her she was 37 cents short. So she walked out to her car and rummaged under the seats to find enough change to pay for the Happy Meal.

Timothy, who was still watching, said the woman then sat down with her son so he could eat. She asked the little boy for a fry, and the toddler gave her a half-eaten one. It made Timothy laugh.

The secret observer then went to refill his drink at the soda machine area. A McDonald’s cashier was refilling napkins at the same time.

“I hand him my debit card. And tell him to give her 2 doubles and a large fry and a large drink on me,” wrote Timothy. “I tell him not to tell her its from me.”

The kind observer then wrote a note on a napkin with a sharpie that said, “Keep your head up and always push forward. You CAN. You WILL.”

The McDonald’s worker brought the note and the tray of food to the woman, who was astonished. Soon, tears streamed down her cheeks as she read the note. Grateful, she filled her drink cup and began to eat.

Timothy was still sitting there when the mother and child left the restaurant. “Thank you,” whispered the woman as she passed his table. “For what?” whispered Timothy back.

The woman smiled, and Timothy gave a wink and a smile back.

“Life is hard,” wrote Timothy. “Always be willing to make someones life a little easier. Little things make a big impact.”

Next time you encounter a chance to put a little hope in someone’s day like this stranger did, maybe you can try Timothy’s advice and take it. Chances are, it will leave a smile on everyone’s face!