10-year-old gets lost in woods, but his dad’s one survival trick helps him survive the cold night

December 12, 2017 12:14 pm Last Updated: December 12, 2017 12:14 pm

We’ve all gotten lost before. Whether it was trying to find your friend’s house, or losing your sense of direction in a store, the first instinct that kicks in is to find your way out. And if you can’t find your way out, then you have to survive somehow.

Two years ago, 10-year-old Malachi was hiking on a trail in remote Utah back country with his father, and a family friend. On the trail, which was near a lake, he got sidetracked looking for some wild mushrooms. This led to him running into a snake, which distracted him. When he tried getting back to his family, he realized he couldn’t see the lake anymore. He had strayed too far away.

Malachi was lost.

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The average 10-year-old kid has no business being alone by themselves in a remote area, but Malachi was an exception. He knew he had to find a way to survive.

“I knew I had to make it back, or my family would be very sad,” he told USA Today.

The area he was in was too remote to find a road; all he saw was trees.

Instead of panicking and making irrational decisions, he decided he had to survive until he was found. He eventually came across river water, but it was muddy water. Malachi knew the solution to this problem.

A trick taught to him by his dad was to use his hoodie to filter the river water, making it drinkable.

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“I probably wouldn’t have been here if he didn’t teach me that,” Malachi told Inside Edition. Going the night without food was doable, but without food or water would’ve been too close of a call.

Hours passed, and he still couldn’t find any sign of life. The temperature was dropping as well, as it went down to around the 30s. It could’ve been worse, but Malachi was only in a shirt under his hoodie.

He knew he had to find a way to keep warm through the night. For this, he improvised another method.

He put all of his limbs inside his shirt, and slept between two big rocks trying to stay warm.

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He put all of his limbs inside his shirt, and slept between two big rocks trying to stay warm.

The rocks helped block any wind coming through the forest. That night, he only got an hour of sleep, but it was better than nothing.

In the morning, he heard a helicopter fly overhead. Malachi found a clearing where the helicopter could see him.

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Malachi was brought back to his family!

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Though he was hungry and cold with a few scrapes, he was perfectly fine after the experience. His family was worried sick, as they had rallied together over 100 people to start a search for him.

When he went back to school, he was given a hero’s welcome.

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But this ordeal won’t stop Malachi from camping ever again; he just said that he’ll stick closer to other people next time.

Malachi’s story is one of courage. Someone that young could’ve easily not known what to do all by themselves. But this boy knew he had to be strong to get back to his family again, and that’s exactly what he did.