The First Animal You See in This Photo Can Reveal Who You Truly Are As a Person

July 17, 2019 Updated: July 18, 2019

Take a comfy seat, relax, perhaps blink a few times and settle your eyes on the image below. Maybe all you see at first is a blur of indecipherable colors and shapes. That’s okay; persist. As your eyes relax, the image of an animal, or perhaps more than one, will become clear.

The simple collage, and what you pick out of it, can reveal a lot about your personality and the way you process information. You may be an artist, a dreamer, detail-oriented, or analytically inclined. It’s time to find out what the animals have to say!

©The Epoch Times

Focus on the picture for 30 seconds and answer these two questions: What is the first animal you saw? And how many animals could you spot in total? Now read on.

The bird

©Pixabay | 12019

If the bird flew into your line of vision, then you are an expressive sort. Colorful, perhaps even flamboyant, you are slightly more extrovert than the people around you.

The bird indicates right-brain dominance; you are a creative thinker, able to think outside of the box and in weird and wonderful ways that will inspire the people around you.

The crab

©Pixabay | 4606510

If the crab grabbed your attention, then you are a happy-go-lucky creature with a great sense of humor. You are emotional and empathic, and a true friend when people need you.

If you saw the crab within 30 seconds, then you are really good at noticing contrast. You can process information at a fast pace and are good at linking ideas together.

The horse

©Pixabay | Free-Photos

Just like the wild horses of the plains, people who are drawn to this image are wild, bohemian personality types. Free-spirited, not able to be tied down by anything or anyone. Unless, of course, it is on your terms.

This animal is significantly more difficult to pick out than the others. Your ability to see the horse means that you are a deep thinker with a strong capacity for perseverance. You are not afraid of asking existential questions.

The dolphin

©Pixabay | werdepate

If the dolphin leapt out at you, then you are an artist. A creative thinker, often away with the fairies, you are very sensitive to inspiration from the natural world around you.

The dolphin, again, is a little harder to pick out than the others. Your ability to see the dolphin means that you are an abstract thinker with an open mind.

The ducklings

©Pixabay | Alexas_Fotos

The ducklings are far more buried in the image than the other animals. If these tiny creatures snared your attention, then you are likely a bit of an introvert; a gentle, quiet sort.

If you saw the ducklings before any other animal, then you are left-brain oriented and very preoccupied by details. You notice everything; nothing gets past your eagle eyes!

The bear

©Shutterstock | ArCaLu

This will come as no surprise, but bear spotters are the leaders of the pack. In your less credible moments, you might be thought of as a bit of a showboat, but at your best, you’re the life and soul of the party.

If you found the bear among the menagerie, then you are a broad, bigger-picture thinker. You are great at lending context to any situation and don’t get distracted by the details.

The puppy

©Shutterstock | Dorottya Mathe

If the sweet puppy nuzzled its way into your line of vision first, then you are a kind and sensitive soul. You have a nurturing personality and often put other people before yourself.

Puppies, of course, are fun-loving and positive people who have a right-brain-governed artistic leaning.

The animal you saw first tells you a lot about your core personality type, but the animals you saw within 30 seconds tell you a lot about your way of thinking. The more you saw within 30 seconds, the more “divergent” your thinking is!

Did you learn something new about yourself? Wear your core animal as a badge of pride, and find out who you’re surrounding yourself with by quizzing your friends; are you one of a pack of puppies? Maybe a wild horse among a sea of crabs?

Have fun finding out!