The Body Part You Clean First While Bathing Says a Lot About Your Personality

July 11, 2019 Updated: July 11, 2019

Most of us hated bathing as children; you got shampoo in your eyes, the water got too hot or too cold, and instead of spending time playing, you got scrubbed and wiped down.

But as adults, many people would agree there’s not much better than a calm, relaxing bath after a long day at work and that blissful feeling of being clean and warm. Perhaps not so surprisingly, for those of us who love to soak in the tub, a scientific study showed that baths were even more effective than exercise in combating depression!

For your body and your mind, baths can really help! But have you ever thought about how you bathe and what that could say about you?

What Your Bath Says About You!

Illustration – Shutterstock | RobSimonART

Rather than looking at how long you stay in the bath or what you put in there, we’ll be focusing on the part that says the most about you. Before going any further, close your eyes and imagine yourself getting into the bath. Feels good, right?

So you sit down, relax, maybe let out a big sigh and then you start to clean… But what do you clean first? Think about one part or area of the body that you go for first. Whichever part you prioritize for cleaning can tell you a lot about your priorities in life more broadly. Let’s look at the parts from top to bottom.

1. Hair

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When you are bathing, is the first thing you go for your hair? If it is, then that shows how you view life from the top to the bottom. You’re a very structured, organized, and methodical person. Rather than skipping around, you go straight to what’s most important first.

You probably also prioritize thinking over feeling, relying on your brain and rational side to see the world. This attention to your hair also shows that you are practically oriented, since it’s the thing that most people notice first.

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2. Face

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If you wash your face first, you’re probably a sensory person. You particularly enjoy the feeling of being clean and presentable to others. Seeing as your face is such a huge part of who you are and how you’re seen, this makes a lot of sense. That’s why we say, “put your best face forward.”

While someone who focuses on their hair understands the element of performance that goes into being in public, if you wash your face straight away, this might show some undue concern and even anxiety about how others see you. Your sense of self is very wrapped up in appearances.

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3. Shoulders and Neck

As we keep moving down the body, we get to the shoulders and neck. If this is the area you go for first, it says a lot about your strong work ethic, endurance, and determination. It’s not for nothing that we talk about stubborn people as being “stiff-necked” and very capable people as “having a good head on his/her shoulders.”

You work hard, steadily, and don’t give up easily, qualities that are great to have at work and in a relationship. Of course, you might have the tendency to bear the burden of everyone else’s problems around you—”carrying the weight of the world your shoulders.” This is something to watch out for!

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4. Back

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One of the more unusual places to start your shower is by washing your back. After all, this a place that can be hard to reach, easy to forget, and one that most other people will never really see.

What this says about you is that you quite literally “watch your back.” You’re concerned about what might be coming up behind you, or more broadly, something that might take you by surprise.

5. Private Parts

Illustration – Shutterstock | Anna Om

This definitely shows that you’re comfortable with yourself and your innermost being, it could also mean that you’re shy and timid. You might be the kind of person who has difficulty opening up around other people, keeping everything hidden and private.

Now that we’ve seen what attention to all these parts could mean for you, take a second to see what you go for first next you time you bathe. You might learn something pretty interesting about yourself!